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About Anja Beran

My sole aim is to ensure in the course of my life that an increasing number of people become familiar with the art of classical horsemanship which has become a matter of such great importance to me, and that they will also learn to appreciate it.  I hope very much that a great number of riders will be able to experience serious enthusiasm for classical horsemanship in its true and original sense. (Anja Beran)

Anja Beran was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in 1970. Her parents were self-employed in the fashion business. She grew up surrounded by nature, spending a lot of time on the family's hunting ground.  Her grandfather’s hunting lodge, in a lonely location in Altmühltal, in the heart of the Bavarian forest, without electricity or running water – was a very happy childhood haunt for Anja. The fact that there were stables nearby was a further contributory factor and, as a young girl, Anja Beran was able to spend many blissful hours wandering through the hunting grounds in the company of horses and dogs. Subsequently as a teenager, after having passed the test for the German riding and driving bronze plaque, she discovered her passion for dressage.
At the age of just 15 years this passion then brought her to Portugal where she rode with the excellent master of horsemanship, Luis Valenca. One year later she met the man who was to become her equestrian “mentor”: Manuel Jorge de Oliveira. The Portuguese rider, a supporter of the well-known Nuno Oliveira, distinguishes himself particularly by the fact that he can re-establish a sense of balance in difficult or spoilt horses by means of consistent and well-planned gymnasticising, and ultimately can bring them on to a level of brilliance.  He is, moreover, not only a rider, bullfighter and trainer but also a trainer. Portugal became Anja’s second equestrian home. And indeed back in Germany her trainer also had a strong Portuguese connection. Because from the age of 16 years she rode with Marc de Broissia, who actually completed his state riding instructor’s training in France but rounded it off in Portugal with training as a master of classical dressage.

Marc de Broissia’s yard subsequently became Anja Beran’s first place of employment. As a 19 year-old, immediately after passing her A-levels, she joined his training team and rode under his auspices for the next 14 years. This not only gave her the opportunity of riding horses of different breeds and different levels of training, but also to promote some horses, such as the stallions Jupiter and Homero, for example, from the earliest stages of training through to high school level.
Anja Beran meanwhile views this opportunity of spending such long periods of training with different horses and challenges as one of her great strengths. Meanwhile she can look back over 23 years of professional experience.
She now runs her own yard at Gut Rosenhof located in Rudratsried, Bavaria. This has been Anja Beran’s home since 2000, and since 2002 she has been running the Rosenhof yard independently. Meanwhile she works there with 45 horses – most of them stallions – from Germany as well as a variety of other countries. And because Anja Beran is always very thorough in anything she does, she undertook an open university course in business studies which she concluded with a degree in business management.
Anja Beran’s second big strength is her internationality. She travels a lot and has given clinics in Sweden, England, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, USA and the United Arab Emirates. Consequently she has established extensive international press contacts – equestrian magazines in Portugal, England, Sweden, Holland and in Russia have already published reports about Anja Beran. An important mission for her which she fulfilled with great commitment, ensuing from her own practical experience and enriched with theoretical knowledge in connection with the most renowned representatives of classical horsemanship, was to write her first book “In Deference!”, published in 2005 and instantaneously a great success. Nominated “Equestrian Book of the Year” by the journal “Bayerns Pferde” and even discussed in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, a renowned German newspaper, “In Deference!” has already become a highly acclaimed work of reference in the field of classical dressage. “In Deference!” is also available in English as well as the Czech language.
A series of three films on DVD have also been produced in connection with the book and enjoy wide popularity. In addition to German, they are also available in English, French and Dutch.