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In Deference

In Deference

Anja Beran gives the discerning learner as well as the advanced rider inspiration as well clearly structured assistance. In her book the well-being of horses is always very much in the foreground. Even if the frequently illustrated piaffe (which is Anja Beran's favourite movement) is not the reader's long-term aim, it becomes very clearly comprehensible whilst reading why the piaffe is in fact necessary for the gymnasticising of an optimally supple horse. This knowledge has been handed down by the old equestrian masters and the book "In Deference!" re-awakens our awareness of this and underlines the modern relevance of this well-founded information. It applies equally to all horse breeds and riding disciplines. The equestrian culture which has disappeared into oblivion over recent decades can be re-discovered in this book. To bring more equestrian culture back into equestrian sport is a very special aim for which Anja Beran strives with great dedication. Although the author in no way disguises her profound affection for Lusitanos, she has also worked with a number of other breeds in particular with German Warmbloods.

A browse in "In Deference!“ will give you genuine aesthetic pleasure. The Wu Wei Publishing House has made a very special effort with the design of the book and the selection of opulent illustrations. Over 100 photos, pen and ink drawings by Renate Blank and anatomic illustrations supplement the text. Riding is an art! This book pays homage to the horse and provides extensive knowledge as well as some rather surprising information.

The book was in the top 10 listings of best-selling equestrian books in both Germany and America during 2007.
It was selected as equestrian book of the year in 2005 by the "Bavarian horse" magazine.
Three editions have been published in the German language up to now, each of which has had the photographs reworked, but no alterations made to the text.
The 3rd edition in 2008 contains reviews by Johann Riegler, Senior Rider at the Spanish Court Riding School, Vienna, Klaus Balkenhol, Olympic champion, Frau Elke Hellmich, Senior Editor at the "Reiter Revue Österreich".
It has already been published in America during 2007 by Trafalgar Square Publishing with the title: Classical Schooling with the Horse in Mind.
It will be published in Spanish in 2008 and Czech in 2009.

ISBN 978-3-930953-24-0

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Classical Dressage with Anja Beran

Classical Dressage with Anja Beran


Hardcover: 272 pages

From 17th March 2014 the new "Classical Dressage with Anja Beran" book (Hardcover: 272 pages) will be available in English!

About the book:

How to use classical dressage, the basis of all other ridden disciplines, to find the best way to ride any individual horse. This book explains why and, above all, how to classically train a horse. It explains that riders have to look at each horse as an individual, asking such questions as What problems does he have? How is his natural crookedness expressed? What is his personality like? Classical dressage offers a strategy for bringing each and every horse into balance. Anja Beran wants to preserve this knowledge, which has now almost been lost, and make it available to every interested rider in a practical and comprehensible way. She discusses the exercises and describes how to work through them, before explaining in detail which problems can occur and what can be done about them. Classical dressage is guided by the horse's nature, keeping him healthy and strong and helping him to develop a wonderful and expressive personality. In this way, riding becomes a pleasure for horse and rider.


Anja Beran is the head of the internationally renowned "Gut Rosenhof" training center, where 45 horses are stabled for training. She has been training horses for 25 years, and is the author of Classical Schooling with the Horse in Mind.

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