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Horse Training

....WHAT all your horse can do is far less important than HOW it does it. Harmony and lightness can only be achieved with your horse trough this relaxed state which comes about exclusively as a result of gymnastics - and never compulsion. ("In Deference" p.73 & p. 89)

At Gut Rosenhof your horse is trained according to the principles of classical horsemanship. This means we bring on each horse according to the scope of its own psychological and physical potential – without the use of auxiliary reins. We do not use side reins, draw reins, gogue, chambon or any similar equipment either on the lunge or under the saddle. On the contrary we do specific gymnastic exercises in order to develop our horse so that we can overcome asymmetries and relax tensions and help the horse to build up its muscles so that it can carry the rider without any problem. The lateral paces and the piaffe are valuable exercises here. We prefer to have the horses as three year olds, completely green, for training then we can do the basic work and the breaking-in. Most horses spend approx. 6 years at Gut Rosenhof, until they have been trained!

Westphalian gelding in a powerful trot extension with diagonal sequence of hooves and corresponding expansion of the frame
Westphalian gelding in the piaffe without a snaffle bit on the cavesson


Homero, who came to us as a 4 year-old! In this photo he is 21 years old and still in top form!

But broken-in horses can also come to Gut Rosenhof for further training or even for correction purposes. A minimum stay of three months should be arranged, however. If required, and providing the horse has the relevant potential, training over a period of several years to the highest level is, of course, also possible. A speciality at Gut Rosenhof is, furthermore, work on the piaffe and passage.

As a horse owner you naturally also have the possibility to have a lesson at least once a week on your horse, in order to make progress yourself. How much instruction is possible and is necessary should be discussed from case to case and organised on an individual basis