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An Agricultural Enterprise

Gut Rosenhof is a mountain farm. The farm also has an open stabling arrangement with meadows for a few old, retired horses.

A wood where we can fell the wood to burn in our fires also belongs to Gut Rosenhof.

In collaboration with selected farmers, we provide our horses with top quality hay. Our horses are fed hay according to their natural eating habits, i.e. 6x per day in appropriate quantities! We have been practising this principle, intended in the first place to prevent horses suffering from colic, for a considerable number of years.
In order to avoid allergy-related diseases, i.e. coughing as well as digestive problems, we have recently acquired a Hay Steamer (HeuMaster) for all horses, which kills off mould, dust mites and  bacteria by steaming hay at a consistent 90-100 degrees centigrade.