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Indoor Arena

The newly built indoor riding arena (completion April 2000) is the centre of the riding site. The arena is thermal insulated and day bright, due to the generous roof and side window construction.
The size is 20m x 45m. The arena surface is cleaned and graded daily. The indoor riding arena is equipped with 2 large mirrors and halogen lighting. In addition it has a dripping installation. At the short side there is a lounge and an office with view into the arena. A grandstand is also available for visitors. The arena vestibule is filled with skid-proof rubber. The integrated hi-fi system provides background music for training.

Walker & Lunging Arena

A new walker and lunging arena is available for our customers since mid-September 2007!
With these facilities Gut Rosenhof is offering a further possibility for optimum training of horses.

The outdoor arena

The outdoor riding arena measures 20 x 60 m and is equipped with floodlights. The ground consists of a very good textile fibre-sand mixture (from the company Derby-Parcour) and has been specially designed for dressage horses.