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The Equestrian Center

The equestrian centre is located in a forest clearing at a height of 910 m in a woodland clearing and has the character of an attractive isolated farm. The magnificent Alpine upland offers many varied possibilities for extensive hacks.

All building measures undertaken on the premises are subjected to one important precept – to convey harmony, relaxation and peace to people working and learning here. Because these elements represent the basis of support for training in keeping with the requirements of the horse as well as for effective, sustainable teaching sessions.


Only very few people are really alive and those who are, never die.
(Ernest Hemingway)


Dogs and goats

Our Hovawarth "Nero" is the "watch dog" at Gut Rosenhof. Since June 2008 we have been the proud and happy owners of a Weimar hound called Crocket. Crocket serves us well, both as a hunting dog and around the yard!
For more additional information see "A New Home", too....



The benefit of keeping hens is quite obvious. As the already existing hen-house was already rather small, we decided – with just a few exceptions - to keep miniature poultry.
As we consider it important to preserve original breeds of domestic hens, the following breeds may also be admired here:
Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Zwerg-Amrocks, Zwerg-Dresdner, German Bantams, Marans, Thüringer Zwerg-Barthühner, Zwerg-Welsumer, Zwerg-Bielefelder, Zwerg-Barnevelder, Italian, Westphalian Totleger, Vorwerkhühner, Zwerg-Vorwerkhühner, Zwerg-Lakenfelder.


Domestic pigeons are the only free-flying pets which always return to their cote. Our decision concerning a fantail pigeon was actually taken for us when we were given one as a present…..this is how – after originally starting off with three pigeons – we have now reached the grand total of twenty….
Domestic pigeons with one exception (the African collared dove), are descended exclusively from the rock pigeon (Mediterranean countries, North Africa, Senegal, Ghana, the Middle East, North and Central China).

Indian Runner Ducks & Geese

… our original reason for keeping Indian runner ducks was to have a reliable form of snail control….and, as all animals, they make a significant contribution to the authentic appearance of the countryside……Here also, rather like the case with the pigeons, our original half dozen have since become several dozen….

The Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)

…an acquisition which we were very happy to take over from the previous owners (the Moser family).

The red deer feel most at home on grass land and open woods in flat and hilly areas. Their main period of activity is at dusk. They graze and nibble at grass, leaves and branches of deciduous trees and form herds. Males and females remain separated for most of the year. Matriarchy dominates in the herds of red deer. The rutting season is in September and October. During this period the dominant male loses a fifth of his body weight and an equivalent amount of energy. They eat virtually nothing whilst pursuing their romantic aims…..

The red deer is the only animal dating back to the stone-age period which has survived until today!