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Morning Work Session September 2015

The Sunday morning work session in September was dedicated to the theme "Western meets Classic". Following an instructive insight into classical training in the morning - extending from breaking in to haute école -, in the afternoon visitors had the opportunity to experience a direct comparison between the different forms of riding. Julika Tabertshofer with her Quarter Horse "QB" and Vera Munderloh on Lusitano "Super" presented an impressive pas de deux which included canter changes, spins and pirouettes, roll backs and passades, as well as lateral movements, and concluded in a piaffe presented side by side. Naturally the riders were wearing traditional outfits, and were riding one handed!  Visitors, horses and riders - a great time was had by all!

Lusitano stallion "Pao"
Early training with a young, green horse
Pupil Silvia Wimmer on Kladruber gelding "Generale Cassa"
Lipizzaner stallion "Maestoso Stornella" training the Spanish walk
Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" under Vera Munderloh doing the passage half-pass
Quarter horse gelding "QB" under Julika Tabertshofer doing a passade
Julika Tabertshofer as a cowgirl and Vera Munderloh in a Portuguese outfit
Lusitano stallion "Super" doing the passage
Riding through a gate
Western meets Classic
"QB" at canter
"Super" doing the passade
Thanks to Vera and Julika for this insight into different riding styles
Farewell to the guests

Morning Work Session August 2015

Magnificent summer weather made it particularly inviting for our guests to take a stroll through the extensive pasture lands of Gut Rosenhof before the Sunday Morning Work Session commenced at 11.00 o'clock. On this occasion Stefanie Seebauer, our "external trainer", joined us as guest rider - together with her Lusitano "Bue". In the afternoon Vera Munderloh gave a talk on the subject of "Long Reins" and subsequently Kathi Reinthaler presented Frederiksborg stallion "Sirius" in basic work, whilst Vera Munderloh presented Lusitano stallion "Super", who had meanwhile progressed to half-passes, canter changes, as well as piaffe and passage.

Lusitanos on the field
Lusitano stallion "Pao" in gallop
P.R.E. stallion "Duende"
Stefanie Seebauer on Lusitano "Bue"
Lecture of Vera Munderloh
Shoulder in on long reins
Forward is so important!
Katharina Reinthaler and "Sirius"
Vera Munderloh and "Super"
Half pass
Transition to passage
Spanish walk
Vera and Super

Morning Work Session May 2015

Traditionally for Mother's Day the gates at Gut Rosenhof once again opened for the first Sunday morning work session of the year.
From the breaking-in stage to haute école, it offered an educational insight into the work with many different horses. "Poderio" the young, sensitive Spanish horse had his first appearance in front of an audience and made a great effort to do everything correctly - despite his slight nervousness. Frederiksborger stallion "Sirius", owned by the Anja Beran Foundation, showed everything he has learned under trainee Katharina Reinthaler. Pony gelding "Chuck" with his owner Nadine Kloser, was also in top form and convinced with his haute école dressage skills. Vera Munderloh presented the stallions Favory Toscana, Maestoso Stornella and Super with the air of lightness we have come to expect of them. Participating this time, the meanwhile 17-year old Westphalian gelding "Flamingo" piaffe, passage, pirouette and also presenting confident 2-tempi changes. In between two performances Anja Beran took the chance to introduce the trainers who were former pupils of hers and, by sheer coincidence, were almost all present that day. Many guests took the opportunity of talking to the trainer who might possibly be located close to their region - the following were present: Marcel Egger from Bern in Switzerland, Katja Baldauf from the Oberallgäu Region, Christine Schmiedel from Upper Franconia, Stefanie Seebauer from Rosenheim and Nadine Kloser from Buchloe.

P.R.E. stallion "Ofendido"
Lipizzaner stallion "Tulipan Palma"
Lungeing of P.R.E. gelding "Poderio"
Informations to balance
Frederiksborger stallion "Sirius"
The spanisch walk with support
Beginning of passage
"Favory Toscana" in extended trot
Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana"
The spanish Walk
The reference
First passage steps by pony gelding "Chuck"
"Flamingo" in spanish walk
Introducing of our trainers (from left): Marcel Egger, Nadine Kloser, Christine Schmiedel, Katja Baldauf, Anja Beran and Stefanie Seebauer
Dentistry lecture by the vet Larissa Thielen

Morning Work Session July 2015

Sophie Grieger, 2013 Bavarian Eventing Champion, and her colleague Michaela Förtsch from the Bavarian Principal and State Stud of Schwaiganger took the chance of exploring beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, along with past winner of the "Germany´s Finest Rider" Western competition Christiane Müller. They watched the diverse programme with great interest - a programme which this time featured a colourful mix of the various types of horses, from a warmblood to a Quarter Horse. Following this, there was still time to enjoy interesting conversations before 14.00h, when Veronika Brod continued with her interactive presentation on correct body posture.

Contershoulder-in with "Super"
Piaffe with P.R.E.-stallion "Ofendido"
P.R.E.- stallion "Ofendido"
Work in hand with P.R.E.-stallion "Nadal"
Shoulder-in on a circle
Lipizzaner-stallion "Favory Toscana" in renvers
Travers on a circle
Trot in extension
Spanish walk
"Favory Toscana" in spanish trot
Schoolmaster "Generale Cassa" in piaffe
"Quarter Horse - gelding "QB" in overstepping
Warmblood - gelding "Giacometti"
Lusitano-stallion "Novilunio"
Half-pass in passage
Trot in extension
Training for the seat
Frederiksborger-stallion "Sirius" in trot

Morning Work Session June 2015

Even the most glorious summer weather couldn't stop the numerous visitors from spending the day inside the riding school instead of basking in the sunshine outside. This is one example of how large the interest in sound and fair horse training has become and provides immense motivation to the Anja Beran team to open up their gates each month and provide an insight into classical equestrianism. This time, in addition to Vera Munderloh and Silvia Wimmer from Gut Rosenhof, Katja Baldauf was there as a guest rider with the Lusitano "Tango". In the afternoon Vroni Brod and Vera Munderloh gave a talk in their usual refreshing style on the topic of the "seat" and involved the guests in numerous gymnastic exercises in order to achieve an improved position. Julika Tabertshofer demonstrated the correct seat in the three basic gaits and various lateral movements with her Quarter-Horse "QB".

P.R.E.-stallion "Ofendido" in Travers
Lipizzaner-stallion "Tulipan Palma" kneeling
Young horse "Poderio"
P.R.E.-gelding "Poderio" - breaking in
Kladruber "Generale Cassa" - half-pass
Get the feeling for Piaffe
Lipizzaner-stallion "Favory Toscana" in half-pass
Rising trot - trot in extension
How to start the pirouette
Spanish trot
Lusitano-gelding "Tango"
Lusitano-stallion "Super"
Lecture about the seat
Gymnastic for all
Lecture concerning the seat