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Sunday Morning Work Session September 2011

In pleasant late summer temperatures numerous guests again converged at Gut Rosenhof in order to gain some insight into the work of Anja Beran. Particularly visitors from Austria and Switzerland were, as usual, extremely well represented.
For the first time Anja Beran and Vera Munderloh presented the young Lusitano stallion, “Campeao” as part of the programme. The theme demonstrated with this attractive palomino was breaking in a green horse. Relaxed, willing and already well-balanced, he performed his first rounds on the lunge under Vera Munderloh.
The 4 year-old black Leutstettener stallion “Paitas” showed the next stage of training: the 3 basic gaits, first lateral movements and transitions between the gaits, as well as halting and back-reining. The large-framed black horse moved very smoothly and with good impulsion under Anja Beran’s pupil, Anna Jantscher. Finally, together with “Paitas”, Anja Beran also demonstrated how she introduces young horses to the piaffe and begins with the Spanish walk.
Naturally Jasmin Gärtner was also an integral part of the programme. On the Spanish stallion “Hechicero” she demonstrated the suppleness but also effectiveness which is required in the rider's seat.
The work-in-hand was again demonstrated by Anja Beran with the Lusitano “Olé”.
Subsequently Vera Munderloh presented the P.R.E. stallion “Ofendido”. The special gymnastics for a horse with certain asymmetries, but also how helpful the piaffe and passage are for the horse’s back are facts which are explained very impressively within this context. Ultimately Anja Beran and Vera Munderloh showed how you can teach a horse to kneel, a movement which “Ofendido” performed with obvious pleasure.
Anna Jantscher and the Lusitano stallion “Novilunio” were again an established part of the agenda on this informative morning. Canter work, including double changes and trot extensions from the collection, in this case developed from the piaffe, were presented by the pair harmoniously and with the polish of experience.
The Westphalian gelding “Flamingo” had a special premiere, because for the first time in a public setting he succeeded in presenting a whole series of canter changes on the third track without showing even the slightest indication of nervousness. An outstanding performance for this sensitive horse! He concluded his performance with an outstanding extended trot which Vera Munderloh developed from the passage, also bringing “Flamingo” back again into the passage.
The last horse to perform at this Sunday morning work session was, as so often, the Lusitano stallion “Pao”. Piaffe and passage and a demonstration of the “descente de main” represented the grand finale.
During the lunch break which followed guests had the opportunity of looking around Gut Rosenhof and also admiring the pictures of the Berlin artist Maike Josupeit. Expressive horses in the most advanced high school movements and powerful colours were distinctive features of the exhibition.
Most visitors subsequently listened to the lecture by the vet Georg Rattenhuber and had plenty of questions to ask on the subject of the lecture: first aid for horses.
On 2nd October the last Sunday morning work session of the year will be held at Gut Rosenhof. Anyone who would like to observe Anja Beran’s work once again this year, however, will also be able to do so on 18th December in Munich, in the winter quarters of Circus Krone. Then, together with Jana Mandana, she will demonstrate and explain work with dressage horses, but also with free horses, and in addition she will answer the question: “Classical dressage – does it make sense for all breeds of horses?“.


Lusitano stallion "Regedor" taking a corner
"Ofendido" doing the passage
Teaching kneeling with foot lunge
Lusitano stallion “Novilunio” changing leg at canter
“Novilunio” doing extended trot
Lusitano stallion "Pao"
"Pferd und Mehr" exhibition stand
Lecture by the vet Georg Rattenhuber
Ofendido stepping over in trot on the circle
P.R.E stallion "Ofendido" in compact standing position
"Regedor" doing the Spanish walk
"Regedor" doing the Spanish walk
A good roll after work
Lusitano stallion "Campeao" on the lunge
Leutstettener stallion "Paitas" stretching at trot
Light touching with the whip in preparation for the first piaffe steps
"Paitas" learns the Spanish walk
"Hechicero" doing the Spanish walk
Lusitano "Olé" at the beginning of work in hand
"Olé" kneeling
Exhibition of paintings by the artist Maike Josupeit

Sunday Morning Work Session July 2011

There wasn’t much summer atmosphere to be felt at the 3rd morning work session this year, we experienced cold temperatures, but luckily no rain. Nevertheless numerous interested riders did not let themselves be dissuaded from visiting Gut Rosenhof.
Following the warm-up session with the Lusitano stallion “Regedor” and Anja Beran which took place as guests were arriving, the session continued immediately with the “breaking in” demonstration. A young Lusitano of rare Palomino colouring was lunged by Vera Munderloh who subsequently showed the correct way to proceed with very young horses under the saddle. Despite all stormy associations with the name “Cyclone”, this young Palomino coped perfectly calmly with his first public performance.
The popular presentation on the subject of the correct seat was an important part of the programme this time too and was demonstrated in experienced style again by Jasmin Gärtner on the Spanish stallion “Hechicero”.
Appearing for the second time at a morning work session was the “spoiled” Oldenburg mare “San Remo”. She was ridden in a double bridle this time and gave a rather more relaxed and coordinated presentation.
During this session Anja Beran presented the work in hand with the Lusitano “Xailee”. He was slightly excited on account of the unfamiliar setting and the spectators, nevertheless he was quite capable of showing lateral movements, piaffe, passage, Spanish walk as well as kneeling.
“Favory Toscana”, the young stallion belonging to Circus Krone, was next to enter the arena. Here the playful way in which work can progress if a horse begins training young and without any previous bad experiences could be clearly recognised. Under Vera Munderloh the Lipizzaner stallion showed all lateral movements, piaffe, passage, polka step, Spanish walk, counter-canter, medium trot and kneeling. This was all accomplished with great lightness and a high degree of motivation.
Anna Jantscher, the first Anja Beran Foundation scholarship holder, presented the Lusitano stallion “Novilunio”. Shoulder-in and half-passes at trot and canter, as well as canter change up to 2-tempi, trot-piaffe transitions as well as a beautiful trot extension were ridden with virtually invisible application of the aids.
The last horse on this Sunday morning was the Lusitano stallion “Super” under Vera Munderloh, riding side-saddle. As Gut Rosenhof is always keen to help preserve traditions, riding side-saddle has an important place here. “Super” was presented by his rider in the lateral movements as well as in piaffe, passage, canter pirouettes and in Spanish walk and thus represented a successful conclusion to the third morning work session!
After the lunch break and the talk by the vet Georg Rattenhuber a large group of visitors joined the guided tour of Gut Rosenhof and listened with interest to the background information which Anja Beran was able to give them about the yard and its inhabitants.


Lusitano stallion "Regedor" doing the passage out of the corner
Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana" and Vera Munderloh
"Favory Toscana" doing shoulder-in at canter
Piaffe with assistance on the ground
The Spanish walk
Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" under Anna Jantscher
“Novilunio” doing extended trot
Lusitano stallion "Super" ridden side-saddle
"Super" doing the passage
"Super" and Vera Munderloh in canter leading on the near fore
The Spanish walk
The Spanish walk
"Xailee" doing the first steps of the passage
Lusitano "Xailee" doing piaffe in hand
"Regedor" at canter
The Spanish walk
Tacking up a young horse in the initial stages of training
Lunging and defining the circle
First attempts at riding on the lunge
Canter under the rider on the lunge
Jasmin Gärtner on "Hechicero" at trot
The Spanish walk
Learning to kneel with leg-loop
Oldenburg mare "San Remo" overtracking at trot
"San Remo" under Vera Munderloh

Sunday Morning Work Session June 2011

The second morning work session at Gut Rosenhof this year included a number of special highlights:
Work with a remonte this time was demonstrated by Anja Beran and her team with a Leutstettener stallion. The Leutstettener breed is based on Hungarian horses. In the past the Bavarian Royal Family used to keep a stud in Hungary with over 400 horses for the Bavarian army. Meanwhile the breed has become one of the domestic animal breeds threatened by extinction and today only very few of these horses remain. The well-built, black stallion “Pajtas” is one of the last of his kind, and he was able to convince the morning work guests by means of his beauty as well as his well-balanced temperament.
A correct and effective seat is an essential prerequisite in training a horse, and this was the credo of the subsequent demonstration. Jasmin Gärtner, riding the Spanish stallion “Hechicero” showed the most important aspects here whilst Anja Beran explained the most important criteria of seat and influence of the rider.
For the first time Vera Munderloh presented the Oldenburg mare “San Remo”. The attractive warmblood mare had been very badly treated and was considered to be unrideable. With great patience and a lot of effort it gradually became possible to mount her again and to ride her for a short time without rein contact. Meanwhile she can start to do some gymnastisising work: “San Remo” co-operates well in the initial lateral movements, she reacts well to the forward aids and her trust is increasing from day to day.
Using this mare as an example, Anja Beran explained how best to start work again with horses which had been badly treated and emphasised that calmness and patience were the most important factors in achieving success.
Olé, the Lusitano belonging to Anja Beran, was again part of the programme this time and provided some insight into work in hand.
Afterwards Vera Munderloh rode some lateral movements on the Cartujano stallion “Maestro” in order to demonstrate how to correct natural crookedness as the first theme of the presentation. The connection between piaffe, passage and the extended trot formed a further focal point, and here “Maestro” gave an outstanding performance in the collected as well as extended paces. Counter-canter and flying change on the circle followed and finally “Maestro” demonstrated the Polka walk, a preliminary to the Spanish walk, and finally the beginnings of the Spanish trot. 
Anna Jantscher and the Lusitano stallion ”Novilunio” were next to enter the arena. The significance of the bending exercises, especially for heavy stallion necks, was part of the supplying up phase. Afterwards shoulder-in and half-passes were shown at trot as well as canter and the development of series changes, up to 2-tempi changes, was presented on the diagonal.
Trot-piaffe-trot transitions and finally an impressive extended trot with good impulsion were the highlight of the presentation.
“Flamingo” the former problem horse, demonstrated good progress under his regular rider Vera Munderloh, from the initial stages of the pirouette to the passage-half pass, the sensitive Westphalian chestnut gelding is meanwhile very cooperative.
The last horse of the morning was the Lusitano horse “Pao” under Anja Beran. Following the warm-up and supplying up phase in different lateral paces at walk, the hostess of the morning explained the “Descente de Mains” according to the French equestrian master “La Guérinière”. A number of times she released “Pao” for short moments into “liberty based on honour” as the much respected horseman used to call it, by completely dispensing with any influence through rein and leg aids at the moments of highest collection, i.e. in the piaffe and passage and allowing “Pao” to continue working completely independently. Routine and professionalism made it possible for her, by means of a headset, to explain to spectators what she was demonstrating during the course of these difficult movements.
After the lunch break, which came to an abrupt end due to a heavy hail shower shortly before two o’clock, the vet Georg Rattenhuber gave a talk on the subject of “first aid” with horses.
In the lunging hall it was possible this time to admire the colourful pictures of the Polish artist Zenon Aniszewski.


Lusitano stallion "Regedor" doing the passage
Extended trot
Novilunio doing extended trot
Chewing the reins out of the rider’s hand
Canter on the right rein
Half-pass at canter
Shoulder-in at canter
Shoulder-in at trot
Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" doing the half pass
The Westphalian gelding "Flamingo" doing the half-pass
Flamingo doing the pirouette
The walker as an art gallery
Art exhibition
Lusitano stallion "Pao"
Shoulder-in at canter
Maestro at trot
The piaffe
Learning to kneel
Hechicero at canter
P.R.E stallion "Hechicero" at trot
Explanations relating to the seat
First backing
Lungeing a remonte
Words of welcome to the guests
Regedor doing the pirouette
Oldenburg mare "San Remo" doing half-pass at walk
Explanations relating to the horse
Maestro at canter
Maestro doing extended trot
Cartujano stallion "Maestro" stepping over at trot
The Spanish walk
Lusitano "Olé" doing passage in hand
San Remo at trot
San Remo overtracking at trot

Sunday Morning Work Session October 2011

The last morning work session this year saw a record number of visitors with guests coming from the Netherlands and Sweden in addition - as usual - to Austria and Switzerland.
The magnificent late summer weather made a stroll around Gut Rosenhof and the opportunity to visit its numerous “resident” animals a particularly pleasant experience.
Punctually at 11.00 o’clock Anja Beran began with the demonstration of her work and, as in previous sessions, she started off with a young, green horse. The palomino-coloured Lusitano “Ciclone” showed the first important learning stages in the life of a young riding horse. Vera Munderloh showed how a rider should behave on a particularly inexperienced horse and how to gradually make the rider’s aids understandable to a young horse in order to form a sound foundation for further training.
The Friesian stallion “Gawain” with his impressive background, gave a very fine and motivated presentation under Anna Jantscher. Anja Beran explained what gymnastic exercises are particularly useful to straighten this horse and settle him.
Jasmin Gärtner on the Spanish stallion “Hechicero” was again an important part of the programme and played an important role when it was a question of the rider’s seat and again “Olé” was presented by Anja Beran doing work in hand.
New in the programme was the P.R.E. stallion “Leviton” who came into the arena with Vera Munderloh in the saddle. This true-to-type grey horse showed transitions from trot to piaffe, from trot to passage and then to extended trot and back again to passage, before going immediately into the Spanish trot. It was a beauty to behold! The rider’s application of the aids was so fine and subtle that they were invisible to observers.
The Lusitano stallion “Novilunio” under Anna Jantscher demonstrated more work at canter. This involved all lateral movements and flying changes.
Naturally “Flamingo” was once again part of the programme. The Westphalian gelding with the unhappy past impressively proved what horses are capable of if only they are given enough time and patience. Piaffe, passage, extended trot and pirouettes were accomplished playfully and ultimately “Flamingo” demonstrated beautiful canter changes around the entire arena and even integrated a few single changes. By next year he will be able to do these confidently and with good expression!
To round off the programme Anja Beran again rode the Lusitano stallion “Pao”. La Guérinière’s “Descente de Main” was the highlight of this ride and was finally presented at the moment of high collection. Modern equestrianism would be much enriched by greater lightness and balance if more riders today would remind themselves of this important principle and give it the attention which it deserves!
In the lunch break guests had the opportunity to look at the art exhibition by Larissa Enke from Tschatschikistan, who had arranged her work in the lunging hall.
A well attended talk on the subject of First Aid for Horses by the vet Georg Rattenhuber, completed this seminar day and many visitors stayed on into the evening at Gut Rosenhof to complete a pleasant day.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone most warmly for their support of this year’s morning work sessions, and a most particular thank you to those who have attended on repeated occasions!
The first Sunday morning work session in 2012 is once again planned to take place on Mothers’ Day in May.


Lusitano stallion "Regedor" at canter
Learning to kneel
Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" doing half-pass at canter
Relaxed trotting
Westphalian gelding "Flamingo" stepping over
Doing the passage on a volte
Canter pirouette
Cantering forwards from the pirouette
Extended trot
Lusitano stallion "Pao" in piaffe with descente de la main
Piaffe backwards
The artist Larissa Enke
“Leviton” doing extended trot
The Spanish walk
Lungeing a young horse in the initial stages of training
Friesian stallion "Gawain" stepping over
“Gawain” doing shoulder-in on the circle
Stretching at trot
Canter leading on the near fore
"Gawain" at canter, leading on the off fore
Spanish walk with assistance on the ground
Spanish stallion "Hechicero" at canter
Relaxed trotting
"Hechicero" doing the Spanish walk
P.R.E stallion "Leviton" at trot
Shoulder-in on the circle to the left

Sunday Morning Work Session August 2011

As a genuine “première“ in August, our most recent Sunday morning work session took place in autumnal temperatures under a constant downpour of rain. Nevertheless such unfortunate weather circumstances did not prevent interested horse lovers from coming to Gut Rosenhof in order to observe Anja Beran at work.
For the second time the programme started off with the young Lusitano “Ciclone”, with whom Anja Beran, Vera Munderloh and Anna Jantscher demonstrated their work with a Remonte (young, still green horse). The young Palomino was initially rather tense in the presence of so many spectators, nevertheless he was very well behaved and at the end even snorted with contentment at his own performance!
Some important explanations relating to the seat are an essential part of any Sunday morning work session. Jasmin Gärtner and the Spanish stallion “Hechicero” once again obliged with a practical demonstration.
Anja Beran and the Lusitano “Olé” presented work in-hand up to the level of the piaffe, passage and levade.
For the first time this year a Friesian stallion was presented: Gawain under Anna Jantscher, showed how subtely and lightly even such a large, hevy horse can react. The piaffe and Spanish walk were highlights in Gawain's repertoire.
It was particularly interesting for the guests who regularly attend the morning work sessions to experience the Lipizzaner stallion “Favory Toscana” once again. The talented stallion showed what impressive progress a horse can make over the course of some months when it goes into training without the burden of previous bad experiences. Beautiful demonstrations of the half-pass, piaffe, passage, polka and Spanish walk, as well as lateral movements at canter and a very attractive counter canter were part of the repertoire presented by “Favory” under Vera Munderloh. The entire performance reflected impressive "légèrité” and effortlessness.
Anna Jantscher presented the Lusitano stallion “Novilunio” in advanced-level canter work. Many half-passes with fast changes to counter shoulder-in and interim flying changes to two-tempi changes on the diagonal were completed harmoniously and elegantly by horse and rider. The piaffe and expressive trot extension at the end rounded off the performance impressively.
The Westphalian gelding “Flamingo” also showed good progress, smooth transitions at trot between travers and renvers, a passage half-pass immediately succeeded by a good trot extension as well as very impressive canter strides in half pirouettes represented particular highlights. For the first time Vera Munderloh was also able to show serial changes at canter on the circle without “Flamingo” becoming too nervous.
Finally Anja Beran, on the experienced “Pao”, again demonstrated how easy piaffe and passage can be when a horse is well gymnasticised and in balance.
On account of numerous questions from the spectators, the session was extended by 45 minutes which actually transpired to be a real stroke of luck because the rain then stopped just in time for the lunch break. Thus guests were able to enjoy a stroll through the grounds of Gut Rosenhof and also to take a look at the exhibition of paintings by the young artist, Yvonne Gärtner, before the vet, Georg Rattenhuber, gave his talk on the subject of emergency medical aid.

Chewing the reins out of the rider’s hand
Lipizzaner stallion “Favory Toscana” in counter shoulder-in
Spanish walk
Spanish walk
Piaffe in shoulder-in
Piaffe in the travers
Spanish walk
Extended trot
Exhibiting artist Yvonne Gärtner
Relaxation at walk
Piaffe in "descente de main"
Lusitano stallion "Pao" in renvers on a circle
Half-pass in the passage
Right pirouette
Westphalian gelding "Flamingo" doing the half-pass
Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" in extended trot
Stretching at trot
Friesian stallion "Gawain" doing shoulder-in
Halting on the circle line
Tacking up a young horse
Remonte in snaffle and with cavesson
Spanish walk
Left pirouette
Canter on the right rein
Canter leading on the near fore
Becoming accustomed to the rider
Spanish stallion "Hechicero" in the travers
Lusitano "Olé" doing renvers in hand
Preparation for kneeling movement with foot lunge
Spanish walk
Stretching at trot
Volte at canter
Lusitano stallion "Regedor" at trot

Morning work session May 2011

In good time for Mother’s Day, Gut Rosenhof once again opened its gates for another Sunday work session.
The numerous visitors enjoyed summer-like temperatures as they wandered around the parkland which surrounds the yard and also had the opportunity of getting to know the four-legged residents.
The exhibition of wonderful horse sculptures by the sculptor Wolfgang Schaller provided another special attraction this Sunday.
As guests were arriving there was the opportunity to watch the two stallions Leviton and Pao being worked by Vera Munderloh and Anja Beran.
Following some words of welcome by the host, Prof Volkmar Nüssler, Anja Beran opened the programme with a demonstration of breaking in a young horse. The P.R.E. gelding presented here was already quite well-balanced as he was lunged in a caveson, also with our scholarship-holder Anna Jantscher in the saddle, he completed all 3 basic gaits obediently and in a concentrated manner with the rider making great efforts not to sit too heavily yet and to keep the horse’s back as free as possible at all times.
After that the Lipizzaner stallion Favory Toscana was presented at an already advanced stage of work. Wearing only a snaffle, he showed lateral movements at walk, trot and canter whilst Anja Beran explained the benefits and possibilities of working with the lateral movements in order to straighten the horse.
Counter canter, piaffe and passage as well as the “polka stride” which is so popular in circuses, but also the Spanish walk were presented as part of the programme. At the end Vera Munderloh and Anja Beran showed how a horse is taught to kneel - and Favory collaborated enthusiastically!
Next to enter the arena was a horse which came into training with problems at walk. Rubio, an impressive P.R.E. stallion ridden by Steffi Fuchs, demonstrated the enormous benefits of classical dressage in helping a horse to find its way back to a balanced gait. This example convincingly showed which exercises are important for such horses and what effects correct gymnastics can have.
Unless a rider has a sensitive and effective seat, any other knowledge about training methods is of little or no significance. Jasmin Gärtner on the Spanish stallion “Hechicero” presented elegant, sensitive application of the aids at walk, trot and canter and spectators were able to recognise quite clearly that riding is a matter of holistic body language rather than merely of hand and leg aids.
The Lusitano Olé, presented in hand by Anja Beran, was once again an integral part of the programme. He presented beautiful lateral movements, piaffe, passage, canter, Spanish walk, levade and kneeling  – in response to subtle signals from his trainer.
The Lusitano stallion ”Novilunio” under Anna Jantscher was the next horse to enter the arena. With great expression and  professional routine, he presented half-passes at trot and canter, canter changes up to 2 tempi, a very nice transition from trot to piaffe and back to trot again before going into the extended trot on the diagonal.


Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" doing the half pass
"Olé" in the pesade
Passage in-hand
The Spanish walk
"Hechicero" doing the Spanish walk
P.R.E.-stallion "Hechicero" doing shoulder-in on the circle
Explanations relating to the seat
"Rubio" at canter on the circle
Stretching at trot
Sculptor Wolfgang Schaller amidst his sculptures
"Flamingo" doing the passage half-pass
Collected trot
Early stages of pirouette at canter
Overtracking at trot
Westphalian gelding "Flamingo" stepping over at walk
Extended trot
“Novilunio” doing extended trot
P.R.E stallion "Rubio" at trot
Learning to kneel
Tacking up a young horse in the initial stages of training
Explanations about the cavesson
Words of welcome by Prof. Nüssler
"Leviton" doing shoulder-in
"Pao” doing the Spanish walk
"Leviton" at canter
"Leviton" doing the passage
P.R.E stallion "Leviton" tracking over at trot
"Pao" at canter
Lunging without a rider
Breaking in a young horse on the lunge
Starting the passage
“Favory Toscana” doing the half-pass
Canter leading on the near fore
Shoulder-in at canter on the circle
"Favory Toscana" in canter left
Chewing the reins out of the rider’s hand
Favory Toscana doing the half-pass
Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana" in leg yielding at walk
Lusitano stallion "Pao" doing the pirouette