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Morning Work Session on 1st September 2013

At the beginning of September interested visitors were able to gain a good overview of the training of a horse from breaking-in to haute école. Furthermore they were able to find out more about the work of the Anja Beran Foundation and the aims which it strives to achieve.

In the afternoon Anja Beran spoke about the subject: "Is classical dressage only suitable for baroque horses?". This subject also included a "breeds show" with members of the Gut Rosenhof team leading stallions of different origins into the arena in order to draw attention to breed-specific features. For many guests it was a special experience to have the opportunity of seeing so many baroque breeds at the same time.



Lusitanostallion "Pao" in gallop
Piaff with contact now
Descente de Main
Lusitanogelding "Rosé" in Piaff
In trot
Elevin on "Favory Toscana" in renvers
Giving reins
Lusitanostallion "Novilunio" in Passage
Spanish walk
Lusitanostallion "Super" in Passage
Explaining the seat
First steps in im spanish walk
First steps in Piaff
Lipizzanerstallion "Maestoso Stornella" in gallop
Breaking in
P.R.E.-stallion "Leviton" in trot in extension
A small conformation show

Morning Work Session July 2013

The first work session of this year to be blessed with glorious summer weather attracted many interested riders and horse-owners to Gut Rosenhof.
Following a very atmospheric opening accompanied by classical music and during which work was done with the stallions "Pao", "Leviton" and "Gawain", the programme started with the presentation of a young Hanoverian stallion. "Royal Bolero" ridden by Anna Jantscher, demonstrated how a horse should gain its first experience with a rider.
He was followed by the more advanced Lipizzaner stallion "Maestoso Stornella" under Vera Munderloh. He demonstrated first attempts at the piaffe, passage and Spanish walk, and also presented a good counter-canter.
The obligatory work in hand this time was shown by three horses simultaneously, giving spectators the opportunity to observe a variety of lateral movements, piaffes and the Spanish walk.
The Lusitano stallion "Super" was a highlight of this morning work session, from pirouettes to single tempi changes, from piaffes to the levade, he presented the most difficult movements effortlessly and in fast succession.
The following presentation by the Lusitano stallion "Novilunio",was also characterised by the same lightness. Novilunio showed all haute école movements and completed his programme with a spectacular extended trot.
Vivien Linzmeier, the new pupil of the Anja Beran Foundation, finally provided an impression of the work of the Foundation, and how talented young riders are to be introduced to classical dressage of authentic quality at Gut Rosenhof. On "Favory Toscana", a stallion at an advanced stage of training, she had the opportunity to feel what it is like to ride a horse with a swinging back, what "throughness" really means and how subtly the aids can be applied.
The beautiful horse sculptures by the artist Brigitte Eberl, attracted a great deal of attention and were very much admired during the lunch break.
The talk on "The Correct Seat" by Vera Munderloh and Vroni Brod followed a logical progression and provided many new ideas. It was presented on an inter-active basis so participants could join in physical exercises and work towards achieving healthy body posture.

Trot in extension
Trot in extension
Elevin Vivien Linzmeier on Lipizzanerstallion "Favory Toscana"
Bronzen of Brigitte Eberl
Spanish mares
Vera Munderloh and Vroni Brod
Gymnastic for a better position on the horse
Training for a good Position with Vroni Brod
Lusitanostallion "Pao" on his paddock
Lusitanostallion "Novilunio" in half-pass
P.R.E.- stallion "Leviton" in spanish trot
Lipizzaner-stallion "Maestoso Stornella" in gallop
"Maestoso" in gallop
First steps of piaffe
Beginning of spanish walk
Work in hand
Lusitanostallion "Super" in spanish walk
"Super" in shoulder-in on a circle

First Sunday Morning Work Session on 12th May 2013

Punctually for Mother's Day Anja Beran and her team once again provided some detailed insight into the world of classical dressage. During the ceremonious admission phase three already well-advanced horses were presented by rider Vera Munderloh, pupil Anna Jantscher and Anja Beran.
Afterwards Anna Jantscher demonstrated work with a remonte. The young P.R.E. stallion "Nadal" was relaxed and motivated in the three basic gaits and the first lateral movements. Already relatively advanced, but still ridden in a snaffle, Vera Munderloh presented the Lipizzaner stallion "Maestoso Stornella". He already showed transitions from walk to canter, lateral movements at trot and also first attempts at piaffe and passage with touching assistance from the ground. First attempts at the Spanish walk were also part of the repertoire, as well as the kneeling movement.
The Oldenburger mare "San Remo" who originally came to Anja Beran as a problem horse, proved how well classical training can help a tense and mistrustful horse to become more relaxed and motivated.
Subsequently three horses were presented at work in hand. Lateral movements, presented in easy-to-follow form for the visitors, but also haute école such as the piaffe or Spanish walk were presented.
The Lusitano stallion "Super" showed the "lightness" or "légérité" with which a well schooled horse can execute the most difficult movements. Transitions piaffe- passage, but also from Spanish walk to Spanish trot were presented in playful form. Semi and whole canter pirouettes were completed effortlessly and the sequence of canter changes at 3-tempi, then 2-tempi and ultimately from stride to stride on the diagonals, were a highlight of the presentation which he completed with a perfect levade.
In experienced style the Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" then presented the most sophisticated of movements. Seemingly without any effort he went from trot to passage and back again to trot before going into an impressive piaffe and then releasing his energy in an extended trot. Also in cantering work, this small chestnut horse captivates again and again with precision in the lateral movements and flying changes.
The supporting programme with an inter-active talk on the subject "The correct seat" by Vroni Brod and Vera Munderloh, as well as an art exhibition and the presentation of the new "Anja Beran" saddle model by Kieffer, offered visitors a very interesting afternoon.

P.R.E.-Stallion "Leviton" in spanish walk
Lusitanohengst "Novilunio" in passage
Lusitanohengst "Super" transition collected trot-passage
Lusitano "Super" in spanish walk
Lusitano "Olé" shoulder-in
Lusitano "Xailee" - work in hand-stop
"San Remo" in trot on a circle
Oldenburger mare "San Remo" stepping over
First steps in spanish walk
How to start Piaffe with "Maestoso Stornella"
Giving-reins in trot
Young Lipizzaner-Stallion "Maestoso Stornella" in gallop
"Nadal" in relaxed walk
Young horse in gallop
P.R.E.-Stallion "Nadal" in trot
Young horse prepared for breaking in
"Novilunio" in long steps in trot

Morning Work Session on 6th October 2013

Here are some impressions of our last  "Sunday Morning Work Session“ in 2013. From now on our riders and horses are concentrating on preparations for the 4th  Training Horses with Feeling and Respect” symposium on 24th November in Circus Krone, Munich.

Vera Munderloh on Lipizzanerstallion "Tulipan Palma"
Lusitanostallion "Novilunio" in Passage
P.R.E.-stallion "Leviton" in collected trot
...Transition to Passage
Spanish walk
"Leviton" in spanish walk
Spanish trot
Elevin Vivien Linzmeier in trot on "Favory Toscana"
...in renvers
"Favory Toscana" in trot in extension
Feeling the piaffe
giving reins in trot
Lusitanostallion "Super" in spanish walk
...in half-pass
"Tulipan Palma" in Passage
Lusitanostallion "Pao" in gallop
"Tulipan Palma" in Passage on a circle
Young P.R.E. "Girasol" with Anna Jantscher
Trot in extension
"Reichsgraf" in trot
Lipizzanerstallion "Maestoso Stornella" in trot
...starting the Passage
"Maestoso Stornella" is learning spanish walk
...spanish walk with help of the whip
giving reins in trot

Morning Work Session on 4th August 2013

The morning work session in August began with a puzzle question. Who formulated the sentence: "Ride your horse forwards and straighten it"?, was the question. And at the end of the session a winner was drawn from the solutions submitted by participants and presented with the new "Classical Dressage with Anja Beran" DVD.
The programme again showed the central theme of training of a horses from the remonte stage to the most advanced movements. This time the Westphalian "Flamingo" presented attractive pirouettes and confident two-tempi canter changes, and the Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana" presented an impressive repertoire under Vera Munderloh: Piaffe, passage, extended trot, Spanish walk, Spanish trot, pirouettes and canter changes. Foundation trainee Vivien Linzmeier rode P.R.E. stallion "Offendido" and had the opportunity to experience how the three basic gaits should feel as well as how a horse should move in piaffe and passage.
The afternoon, once again, was organised by Vera Munderloh and Vroni Brod who presented the subject of the "correct seat". 



P.R.E.-stallion "Ofendido" in piaffe in shoulder-in
Lusitanostallion "Novilunio" in passage
Extended trot
Elevin Vivien Linzmeier on P.R.E.-stallion "Offendido"
In trot
"Favory Toscana" in spanish trot
Spanish walk
Lipizzanerstallion "Favory Toscana" longer steps in trot
Spanish walk
P.R.E.-stallion "Leviton" in spanish trot
Friesenstallion "Gawain" in spanish walk
Hannoveranerstallion "Royal Bolero", first steps under a rider
Lipizzanerstallion "Maestoso Stornella" in canter
Westfaliangelding "Flamingo" starts passage
"Flamingo" in spanish walk
Work in hand
Feeling the passage

Morning Work Session on 2nd June 2012

It was unfortunately very cold and damp for the morning work session in June. Nevertheless the visitors came in large numbers, well-equipped with flasks and rugs so they were well able to concentrate on watching the horses in a variety of different training stages, and on listening to the explanations provided by hostess Anja Beran.
After presentation of the young stallion "Nadal" under Anna Jantscher, Vera Munderloh presented "Maestro", a Cartujano stallion at an advanced stage of training in all lessons of haute école. Just as in the case of Lusitano stallion "Super", who demonstrated half and whole pirouettes, canter change to single tempi, as well as piaffe, passage and levade, the audience was enraptured by the flowing sequence of the performance. One highlight simply followed another with seemingly easy lightness and Anja Beran explained that this was only possible with horses which have been so well gymnasticised that they have reached this high degree of mobility and balance. Consequently, performance of these lessons is simply a logical consequence!
Naturally work in hand also constituted an important part of the morning work session, and this time it was demonstrated with 3 horses simultaneously. Lusitano stallion "Novilunio", well known for his magnificent movements, was presented by Anna Jantscher and again convincingly demonstrated his beautiful extended trot, changes in series, as well as piaffe and passage.
For the first time a young pupil participated in the morning work session: Vivien Linzmeier rode the well brought-on Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana".  The "Anja Beran Stiftung" strives to preserve classical dressage and provides it with a home at Gut Rosenhof. In order to be able to help as many horses and riders as possible, a new generation of trainers is required to continue the tradition of extensive training in feeling, technique and character in order – later on – to do justice to the German term "Bereiter" (specially qualified professional rider). Talented young persons such as Vivien Linzmeier therefore receive a scholarship from the foundation in order to be able to afford a six-year training period at Gut Rosenhof. Furthermore, they receive instruction on extremely well trained "schoolmaster" horses in order to be able to "feel" the movements, to train their sensitivity and learn to give the correct aids. These are all important aspects which they can pass on later to horses as well as pupils. It was very impressive to see how the young rider benefited – because the best instructors are well ridden horses!


Lusitano stallion "Regedor" in spanish walk
Lusitano stallion "Super" in passage
Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" in half pass
Elevin Vivien Linzmeier on Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana"
Feel the first steps of piaff
Renvers in Hand
Work in Hand
Lusitano stallion "Lucero"
Young horse prepared for lunging
Young P.R.E. stallion in trot
First steps by side
How to start Piaffe
Cartujano stallion "Maestro" in renvers on a circle