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Morning Work Session May 2014

The new season of "Sunday morning work sessions" at Gut Rosenhof began on Sunday 11 May 2014 with an interesting and varied programme. For the first time this year, the riders and pupils of the Anja Beran Foundation presented a cross-section of their daily work with the horses for schooling and the foundation horses. Spectators were able to gain an educational insight from the first careful steps in the training of young, inexperienced horses to higher movements on horses at an advanced level of training.
Foundation pupil Simon Reinert, riding Kladruber "General Cassa", was participating for the first time. Under the guidance of professional rider Vera Munderloh, he demonstrated the essential foundation work in the 6-year training period of a pupil at Gut Rosenhof. The training of the seat constitutes a fundamental element here. Later on trainee riders learn to cope with different horses and the specific requirements in this connection.
This time advanced movements such as the piaffe, passage and flying change were demonstrated by Anja Beran riding Spanish stallion "Ofendido", Vera Munderloh on Lipizzaner stallion "Tulipan Palma" and Westphalian gelding "Flamingo", as well as by pupil Anna Jantscher on the Lusitano stallion "Novilunio". In addition, Anja Beran talked in detail about gymnasticing work in hand and demonstrated, for example, correct stepping over with the Lusitano "Olé". In this context it was particularly emphasised that calmness and lightness represent the aim as well as the basis of training. Precise, almost invisible application of the aids and lavish praise instead of influence by force and coercion lead to success and a healthy horse. During the session Anja Beran also drew attention to the following: only a horse which is gymnasticised according to a sensible and well thought-out concept, will remain healthy and provide the rider with enjoyment for many years.
In the afternoon programme Vera Munderloh presented an almost forgotten, traditional discipline of classical equestrianism: side-saddle riding. Riding Lusitano stallion "Super", she mastered even the most difficult movements competently and with lightness, and explained in detail the challenges involved for the rider as well as the requirements to be considered when looking for a well-fitting saddle.
The bright and varied programme of the "Sunday morning work sessions", which also feature plenty of light-hearted humour, takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. Nevertheless, the underlying message is serious: classical riding is on the verge of sinking into oblivion; the knowledge of old equestrian masters is only being passed on by a few people. There is a shortage of qualified trainers and well-trained horses. The Anja Beran Foundation is therefore dedicated to the aim of preserving this knowledge, living according to its principles and imparting it to others. Therefore it was also Anja Beran's objective on this Sunday to advocate the genuine values in equestrianism: diligence, self-discipline and patience. These values apply because in classical equestrianism, more than in any other art, demands are placed on the human being as a whole.
The Gut Rosenhof team would like to express its thanks to the many interested members of the public who attended the session and, with their support, look forward to being able to continue to impart the positive and compelling spirit of classical equestrianism into more riding stables in 2014!

Lipizzaner stallion "Tulipan Palma" in halfpass
Half pass
Shoulder in gallop
Kladruber gelding "Generale Cassa" with Simon Reinert, pupil of the foundation
Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" in half pass in passage
Half pass ridden in passage
Trot in extension
Lunch in between an art exhibition
Lecture about side-saddle riding
Lusitano stallion "Super" in gallop
Westfalian gelding "Flamingo" in travers
How we teach kneeling
Renvers in hand
P.R.E. stallion "Ofendido" in Passage
"Tulipan Palma" in gallop
Spanish walk
"Ofendido" in Piaffe
Breaking in
P.R.E. stallion "Duende" in gallop
First steps in piaffe
Start of spanish walk

Morning Work Session July 2014

This session at the beginning of July showed a cross-section of classical training of horses, as carried out on a daily basis at Gut Rosenhof. From the breaking-in stage to haute école, individual training stages were explained and demonstrated. All involved - riders as well as guests - had a lot of fun as the session featured plenty of light-hearted humour, for example, when Vera Munderloh took Anja Beran's hat from her head during the canter pirouette and then put it back on in the next turn!
The morning programme came to a close with a levade and after the lunch break Vroni Brod and Vera Munderloh gave a talk on the correct seat. Guests also had a chance to take part in practical gymnastic exercises.

Lipizzaner stallion “Favory Toscana” doing the passage
Learning to kneel
Feeding a treat and praising
Cartujano stallion"Maestro"
"Maestro" doing the passage
Pupil Simon Reinert on "Generale Cassa" at trot
Performing the piaffe
Kladruber gelding "Generale Cassa" in the half-pass
Vera Munderloh
Oldenburg mare "San Remo" doing piaffe
Lusitano stallion "Super" at canter
A reward after work
Training of the seat with Vroni Brod and Vera Munderloh
Beginning of the Spanish walk
Touching with the whip
Riding through the cones
Canter through the corner
Counter canter
P.R.E stallion "Leviton" demonstrating extension at trot
The Spanish walk
P.R.E. gelding "Brillante" on the lunge
Riding a young, inexperienced horse on the lunge
Lippizzaner stallion "Tulipan Palma"
Study of the head
Chewing the reins out of the rider’s hand at canter
Shoulder-in at canter and yielding on the inside rein
"Tulipan Palma"
Walk pirouette
Start of a canter pirouette
Vroni Brod in Action

Morning Work Session on 1st June 2014

The second morning work session of the year again offered a cross-section of the daily work of Anja Beran and her team. From the breaking-in stage to haute école, individual training stages were demonstrated on different horses and, after every ride, visitors had the opportunity to ask questions. Once again, therefore, the morning work session not only provided a platform for exchanges of information with well-informed guests but also a chance to share otherwise virtually extinct knowledge about classical dressage in a clear and comprehensible way.
A special feature of this morning work session was a demonstration by Belgian rider Ilke Verdegem, who has trained with Anja Beran for many years. Riding her Dutch warmblood gelding "Essino" by "Ferro", the slight and dainty lady showed that it is possible, using extremely subtle aids, riding on a snaffle bit and without spurs, to present a piaffe, pirouette or flying changes at canter even on such a large and powerful horse as"Essino". An impressive example of the fact that classical dressage is good for all horse breeds!
In the interesting afternoon programme, Vera Munderloh gave a presentation about work on long reins. In the practical part she was supported by our pupil Anna Jantscher, who demonstrated the fundamental principles of this work with P.R.E. stallion "Alaraz". Subsequently Vera Munderloh presented Lusitano stallion "Super", which is at an advanced stage of training, in piaffe, passage, Spanish walk, canter pirouettes and flying canter changes.

P.R.E.- stallion "Ofendido" in half-pass
Transition trot-piaffe
Spanish Walk
Trot in extension
Spanish trot
"Leviton" Kneeling
Vera Munderloh´s lecture about "Long reins"
P.R.E.- stallion "Alaraz" in shoulder-in
Lusitano-stallion "Super"
Trot more forward
P.R.E.-stallion "Leviton" in trot
Lusitano- stallion "Novilunio" in Passage
Lusitano- stallion "Lucero" in back in
"Ofendido" gallop
Spanish walk
P.R.E.- gelding "Cingaro" - 3 years old
P.R.E.- stallion "Nadal" in gallop
Lipizzaner- stallion "Maestoso Stornella"
Gallop in shoulder-in
"Maestoso Stornella" - first steps in passage
Eleve Simon Reinert on schoolmaster "Rosé"
Lusitano- gelding "Rosé" in Piaffe
Our guest from Belgium: Ilke Verdegem
Dutch warmblood-gelding "Essino" in gallop
Ilke Verdegem and "Essino" in pirouette
Answering questions from the audience

Morning Work Session August 2014

The Sunday morning work session on 3rd August was completely booked out. Whilst visitors were arriving Vera Munderloh and Anja Beran rode the two Lipizzaner stallions  "Tulipan Palma" and "Favory Toscana".
Over the subsequent two hours, a cross-section of the training stages of a horse was shown. The session concluded with Vera Munderloh, on P.R.E. stallion "Leviton", demonstrating the full scope of what the trot has to offer: Piaffe, passage, extended trot and Spanish trot. She then demonstrated cantering work with the Lusitano "Super".  Half and whole pirouettes, double changes as well as even canter changes from stride to stride were shown in seamless succession.
After the lunch break Vera Munderloh gave a talk on "work in hand". Anja Beran presented the popular Lusitano "Olé" in all lateral movements, piaffe, passage and Spanish walk and demonstrated the position of the trainer as well as how to hold the whip and reins. 

Remonte (young horse in training) on the lunge
The Spanish walk
Volte at canter
Halting on the track
Lusitano "Olé" in renvers
Vera Munderloh presenting work in hand
Lusitano stallion "Super"
Canter work
Pupil Simon Reinert becoming acquainted with the piaffe
Learning to kneel
Lipizzaner stallion "Maestoso Stornella"

Morning Work Session September 2014

Our Sunday morning work session in September gave visitors a good overview about the training of a horse from the remonte stage to haute école movements. During the event Anja Beran repeatedly pointed out the problems which frequently occur and discussed some proposed solutions.

The afternoon programme on the theme of "work on long reins", presented by Vera Munderloh, was particularly enjoyable. Here are some pictures of the event.

Vera Munderloh and Lusitanohengst "Super" - shoulder in
Thank you to the audience
Spanish walk
Spanish walk
Collected trot
Very concentrated
Vera is answering questions

Morning Work Session October 2014

Our last Morning Work Session in 2014 was completely dedicated to the theme of Lipizzaner stallions. Here we see a few impressions of "Favory Toscana", "Tulipan Palma" und "Maestoso Stornella".

We would like to express our warm thanks to our loyal regular guests as well as to those who have visited us for the first time. We look forward to welcoming all of you back again next year!

Lipizzaner-stallion "Favory Toscana"
How we teach "kneeling"
Start with Passage
Lipizzaner-stallion "Maestoso Stornella"
Young horse in gallop
Anja Beran
"Favory Toscana"
Spanish walk
Lipizzaner-stallion "Tulipan Palma"
"Favory Toscana"
Kladruber gelding "Generale Cassa"