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Morning Work Session on 4 September 2016

This morning work session commenced in atmospheric style with the two Lipizzaner stallions "Tulipan Palma" and "Favory Toscana". On this occasion it was a side saddle which Vera Munderloh placed on the horses' backs. Black Lusitano stallion "Lucero" also joined the two greys.

Three-year-old stallion "Ballentines" by Boston, owned by the Principal and State Stud of Schwaiganger, was used to demonstrate work with a remonte. Bay P.R.E. stallion "Nadal" demonstrated advanced work. Lateral movements, flying changes as well as initial stages of the piaffe and passage were part of the programme. Already wearing a double bridle and bridoon, Lipizzaner stallion "Maestoso Stornella" gave insights into higher movements: flying changes in series, piaffe-passage-extended trot were presented effortlessly in fluent succession. Frederiksborg stallion "Sirius" was presented on the subtle aids, despite clearly obvious conformation problems, whilst 22-year old Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" proved with a captivating vigour that classical dressage keeps horses healthy and fit until an advanced age.

Finally, Vera Munderloh and Lusitano stallion "Super" gave an introduction to work on long reins.

The presentation in the afternoon programme by veterinarian Georg Rattenhuber on the topic of "colic" was extremely well received. In a vivid 3-D animation the audience was able to clearly see what happens inside the horse in an attack of colic - how the intestines react in the case of swelling or how a volvulus develops and why some horses suffering from colic have to be operated on very quickly.

Lusitano stallion "Lucero"
Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana"
Lipizzaner stallion "Tulipan Palma" with side saddle
Spanish walk
3 years old stallion "Ballentines" of the Bavarian state stud Schwaiganger
P.R.E. stallion "Nadal" in conter-shoulderin
Giving reins
First steps of Passage
Lipizzaner stallion "Maestoso Stornella" in Descente de Main in collected canter
Frederiksborger stallion "Sirius" in half pass
How to start Passage
Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" in collected trot
Explanation about the work in long reins
Vera Munderloh and Lusitano stallion "Super"
Gallop in Long reins
Spanish walk

Morning Work Session on 03 July 2016

Following their "Marbach Classics" performances at the Principal and State Stud of Baden Württemberg, stallions Super, Pao and Ofendido, along with Vera Munderloh and Anja Beran did not arrive back at Gut Rosenhof until 2 o'clock on Sunday morning. Nevertheless, a few hours later - full of energy and good humour - they presented an interesting programme at the Sunday morning work session.

P.R.E.- stallion "Ofendido"
P.R.E.- stallion "Nadal" - flying changes
Vera Munderloh and "Maestoso Stornella"
Lipizzaner- stallion "Maestoso Stornella"
Frisian stallion "Gawain" in spanish walk
Lusitano stallion "Super"
Training for better body awareness
Vroni Brod explains the good seat

Morning Work Session on 8 May 2016

In perfect timing for Mother's Day, Gut Rosenhof opened the doors of its indoor school again for the first Sunday morning work session of the year. This occasion also involved the celebration of a small anniversary - as the event has now been running for 10 years - and has always enjoyed a constant stream of visitors. We are really proud of this and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our guests and loyal customers. Vera Munderloh is also celebrating another anniversary as she has been working with us for 10 years and does an outstanding job in the saddle, in teaching sessions and at her numerous clinics around the world! 'All good things come in threes' - and therefore there was one further special feature at this morning work session: a number of members of the "Xenophon e.V." association were guests at Gut Rosenhof – Michael Rohrmann organised this visit and therefore took the members back to the roots of "Xenophon e.V.", as the association originally came into being with Judith and Klaus Balkenhol, as well as Gerd Heuschmann, when they were here at Gut Rosenhof! Many thanks to Michael Rohrmann for this initiative!

The programme provided insights into breaking in through to haute école. This time the remontes came from the Schwaiganger Principal and State Stud. The young gelding, by Rivero II, has only just arrived at Gut Rosenhof and is going to be trained here. Professional rider Nadine Kloser was also there with her pony "Chuck", who demonstrated the further progress of his training. His repertoire not only includes lateral movements, the piaffe and Spanish walk but meanwhile also the passage as well as first attempts at the pirouette. The highlight of the morning was the presentation by Lusitano stallion "Homero" who is now 27 years old but still enjoys top health and fitness and could therefore demonstrate the piaffe, passage and flying change under the rider. As a finale he took his leave of the audience by kneeling just as if he were a bouncy youngster.

Lipizzaner stallion "Tulipan Palma" in half pass
Frisian stallion "Gawain" in gallop
Spanish walk
Lusitano stallion "Pao" in piaffe
Breaking in with a young gelding of the Bavarian stud "Schwaiganger
P.R.E. stallion "Nadal" in shoulder-in
Give reins...
Lippizzaner stallion "Maestoso Stornella" in leg yielding
Pony gelding "Chuck" in spanish walk
Work in hand
Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" in shoulder-in
Lusitano stallion "Homero" 27 years old!
Lusitano stallion "Homero" doing passage
Explanations by Vroni Brod and Vera Munderloh reagrding the topic seat
Teaching the riders by Vroni Brod
The correct seat in half pass
Lusitano stallion "Lucero" in gallop

Morning Work Session on 2 October 2016

At this final morning work session before the winter break we achieved record visitor figures! Thanks to the initiative of Michael Rohrmann, the "Xenophon" association was once again present, represented by quite a few members. A riding group from Lake Constance, under the leadership of Christian Baier from the USA, also attended the session. The participants were delighted to gain an insight into classical training at Gut Rosenhof.
In the presence of such a knowledgeable group of spectators, horses and riders gave their best and excelled in their performance. The visitors posed many interesting questions and the morning seemed to fly by. The fascinating presentation by veterinarian Elisabeth Albescu on the effect of bits and nosebands was a further highlight of the event and will therefore feature, in even more detail, as part of the 7th Symposium at Circus Krone.

Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana"
Lipizzaner stallion "Tulipan Palma" under a side-saddle
Lusitano-stallion "Lucero"
Explanation about the cavesson
3-years old stallion from Boston of the Bavarian state stud Schwaiganger
Vera Munderloh and Lipizzaner-stallion "Maestoso Stornella"
School master "Generale Cassa"
Half-pass with "Novilunio", Lusitano-Hengst
Spanish walk in Long reins with Lusitano-stallion "Super"
Elisabeth Albescu in action

Morning Work Session on 07 August 2016

On this occasion the three-year old Arab stallion "Malakil" from the Principal and State Stud of Marbach had his first public performance. With Silvie Wimmer in the saddle and Anja Beran holding the lunge, he demonstrated the first basic training stages of a remonte. He was followed by another three-year old stallion, "Ballentines" from the Principal and State Stud of Schwaiganger, who displayed his riding qualities as a riding horse. Fluid transitions between the basic paces, ridden wide, are an important part of a young horse's fundamental training.

The use of lateral paces to work on a horse's natural crookedness and improve the riding qualities was a core theme of this morning work session and was demonstrated with several different horses. The meanwhile 27 year-old Lusitano stallion "Homero" made a brief appearance to conclude the morning programme and, in great form, demonstrated the piaffe, passage and flying change - evidence that classical dressage can keep horses healthy and able to perform until an advanced age!

In the afternoon Vera Munderloh gave a talk about riding side-saddle and, in this context, gave some interesting, and in some cases also very amusing, insights into history. Whilst riding Lipizzaner stallion "Tulipan Palma", she explained the application of the aids and special features in connection with riding side-saddle.

Lusitanostallion "Pao" in pirouette
Lipizzanerstallion "Tulipan Palma" kneeling
Arabstallion "Malakil" from HLG Marbach
Three year old stallion "Ballentines" from HLG Schwaiganger
P.R.E. stallion "Nadal" leg yielding in trot
giving reins
Lipizzanerstallion "Maestoso Stornella" in shoulder in
Lusitanostallion "Homero", 27 years old in travers
Theoretical introduction to the topic "side saddle"
Shoulder in
"Tulipan Palma" in gallop

Morning Work Session on 5 June 2016

Despite heavy rainfall and cold temperatures, we were pleased to welcome plenty of guests - some of whom had travelled from as far as Austria, Switzerland and even North Rhine-Westphalia - to the morning work session at the beginning of June. The horses more than made up for the bad weather with their incredible motivation and outstanding work. So our visitors, of course, really enjoyed observing the various stages of training as well as the characters of the horses. A particular highlight was Frisian stallion "Gawain" who executed beautifully lively pirouettes, half-passes at canter, piaffe and passage in response to the completely invisible aids of his rider Silvia Wimmer. The Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana" also distinguished himself with an impressive demonstration of the difference between genuine trot extensions and the extended passage (= Spanish trot)!

P.R.E.-stallion "Nadal" in spanish walk
Lipizzaner-stallion "Favory Toscana"
Lusitano-gelding "Bue" in piaff
Frisian-stallion "Gawain"
Lusitano-stallion "Novilunio" in half-pass
Trot in extension
Acupuncture and Chiropraktik Treatment with Dr. Astrid Reitz