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Guests from the riding world meet at Gut Rosenhof for the 6th "Get the spirit"International Workshop

Numerous interested riders from Germany as well as many other countries - from the USA to the Philippines, from Russia to South Africa - spent five days with Anja Beran and her team at Gut Rosenhof this year where they gained deep insight into horse training according to classical principles. Participants had the opportunity to closely observe work with a variety of different horses - from first steps with remontes through to haute école movements. Individual topics were introduced in comprehensive theoretical presentations and, after practical demonstrations, there was still enough time to discuss specific questions from the audience.

A workshop highlight was the visit to a private morning work session at Circus Krone. Jana Lacey-Krone and Martin Lacey Jr. explained their exciting work with stallions and big cats in this exclusive, highly informative session with the workshop participants, many of whom have become loyal customers over the years.

This event will take place once again next year - from 17 to 22.07.2017. We look forward to welcoming you!

P.R.E. stallion "Ofendido" at the opening
Walk-around in Gut Rosenhof
"Crocket" the Weimaraner running flat-out
..."Molly" our 'queen' pig
Marbacher arabian stallion "Malakil"
3-years old stallion v. Boston from the Bavarian state stud Schwaiganger
Lusitano stallion „Homero“ 27 years old
Lipizzaner stallion „Favory Toscana“
Spanish walk
Haflinger gelding „Rudi“ in Passage
Lusitano gelding „Bue“
Over stepping
Lusitano stallion „Novilunio“ 22 years old
„Hechicero“ P.R.E. stallion
Gallop without reins
Spanish walk without reins
Hovawart „Nero“
„Malakil“ of HLG Marbach
Begin of spanish walk
Christine Schmiedel and her Lusitano stallion „Suao“
4 years old Lusitano stallion „Hyperion“
Begin of lateral work
Schoolmaster „Generale Cassa“ in piaffe
Frisian stallion „Gawain“
Lipizzaner stallion „Tulipan Palma“ under the side saddle
Frederiksborger stallion „Sirius“ in long reins
Lusitano stallion „Super“
Work in long reins
Andreas Kölbl from the Bavarian national stud Schwaiganger on „Bonavista“
Standing closed, Frisian gelding „Tietes“
P.R.E. stallion „Nadal“, starts passage
Lipizzaner stallion „Maestoso Stornella“
Lusitano stallion „Regedor"
Lipizzaner stallion „Favory Toscana“ middletrot
P.R.E.- stallion „Ofendido“
Kathrin Roida on her Lusitano
Explanation about exterieur
Prepared for lunging with the cavesson

Seminar on the topic "Ways to achieve the piaffe and passage" on 25 June 2016

This two-hour seminar commenced with a theoretical introduction to the preparatory training which is necessary to bring horses on to collection in a fine and subtle way. Calm work at walk, lateral movements, clean halts and reining back form the basis of this work. Animated films portraying the classical piaffe and passage as well as incorrect, artificial sequences of movement trained visitors' eyes to horse appropriate riding in line with the nature of the horse!

In the subsequent practical part of the seminar, young horses just learning the piaffe and passage were presented, along with Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana" who demonstrated smooth transitions between piaffe, passage and extended trot, followed by the "extended passage", also known as the "Spanish trot".

Piaffe - Ofendido and Vera Munderloh
Stop with a 3 years old gelding
Rein back in hand
Touch a hind leg
Piaffe with help from the ground
Passage - Lipizzaner stallion "Maestoso Stornella"
Walk is the base for a good piaffe
Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana" in extended trot
Spanish walk

Subtle Aids Symposium on the topic of the "seat" at Gut Rosenhof on 10 and 11 September 2016

The four speakers - Elaine Butler, Veronika Brod, Dr. Thomas Ritter and Anja Beran - explored the theme of the rider's seat from many different perspectives. Claudia Weingand from Cadmos Verlag expertly moderated the colourful programme which included presentations, practical demonstrations, discussions and also gymnastic exercises for all participants. When the symposium came to an end all riders and guests were in agreement that the weekend had been captivating and extremely informative. Hopefully the event will take place again next year.

Dr. Thomas Ritter
Elaine Butler
...on the ball
Anja Beran
Marcel Egger - Demonstration dressage seat
Dismount from horse by a special way
Vera Munderloh - Seat on a young horse (3years)
Vroni Brod, Anja Beran, Claudia Weingand, Dr. Thomas Ritter
Lecture Anja Beran
A new seat feeling
Uschi Brugger doing seated exercises with Elaine Butler
Posture correction
Elaine Butler in action
Dr. Thomas Ritter - gymnastics on the horse
Vera Munderloh and Vroni Brod demonstrating posture specials
Work out for all!
The upright position on the horse
Katharina Reinthaler in travers
The schoolmaster horse "Generale Cassa" supports our trainee Tereza in developing the right feeling
Lateral movements doing by foot

Seminar "Special challenges in horse training" on 20. August 2016

Anja Beran enjoys sharing inside stories on this topic! Many interesting horses with the most varied of problems have been entrusted to her over the last 26 years. This two-hour instructional event focused on how she has approached correction and what has helped to make such horses relaxed partners for sport or leisure riding once again. This time in the practical part of the seminar a demonstration was given with three horses under the saddle. Kathrin Roida, for example, participated as a guest rider. Roida runs her own training yard in Fürstenfeldbruck and gave an impressive presentation of a Lusitano which came to her with considerable physical and riding problems two years ago. Demonstrations of horses on the lunge were also given in order to explain to visitors the clear differences concerning conformation, strength and movement of different horses.

Lunging "Favory Toscana"
Explanation - the hips are not straight
Lusitano "Ciclone" in Piaffe
Kathrin Roida in renvers

Lateral Movements Seminar on 21 May 2016

The seminar began with a theoretical introduction by Anja Beran on this important instrument in horse training. The significance of gymnasticising work at collected walk was emphasised. "The constant change from one lateral movement to another and from one bend to the next also helps the last tense back muscles to relax" - this quote from Felix Bürkner was subsequently followed up in the practical part of the seminar.

Vera Munderloh, Kathi Reinthaler and Silvie Wimmer rode in formation and demonstrated the correct execution of all lateral movements. In response to an individual request - and to the amusement of all present - they also demonstrated typical seat faults such as collapsing at the hip, raising the lower leg or stretching out one leg. The well-ridden stallions Tulipan Palma, Lucero and Hechicero were very broad-minded and - despite strange application of the seat aids - nevertheless demonstrated the lateral movements in the correct form for the benefit of the spectators.

Subsequently, Steffi Seebauer lunged her Lusitano Bue to show spectators how to recognise the crookedness of a horse. Because an accurate analysis of natural asymmetry is essential in order to work out an effective individual use of lateral movements.

Finally, with Lusitano stallion Novilunio, Vera Munderloh demonstrated work in hand which can be of immense value for preparation of lateral movements. She then mounted her horse and started riding a fast succession of lateral movements, which have an especially positive effect on this stallion, at trot and canter.

Lecture about lateral work
Vera Munderloh and Lipizzanerstallion "Tulipan Palma"
Half pass in walk
Collected walk with P.R.E. stallion "Hechicero"
3 horses really straight!
Tulipan Palma
Stop and give reins
Lunging with a cavecon to see where the horse is stiff
Lusitanogelding "Bue"
Lateral work in hand with "Novilunio"
Conter shoulder in

Seminar on the topic "Work in-hand and Long Reins" on 9 April 2016

An explanation of the importance of, and reasons behind classical work in-hand, as well as training with long reins, formed an integral part of Vera Munderloh's theoretical presentation. Five horses were subsequently presented to reinforce this in practice. Correct leading and halting in a cavesson, first lateral movements in-hand, wearing a snaffle bridle, and finally piaffe and passage wearing a double bridle and bridoon. Foundation work using the long reins was presented by our pupil Katharina Reinthaler with Frederiksborg stallion "Sirius", and Vera Munderloh demonstrated advanced work with Lusitano stallion "Super".

How to stop a young horse with a whip on the back
How to lead a young horse with the cavesson
Let the horse stretch
Passage in hand
Vera Munderloh and Lusitano stallion "Novilunio"
Katharina Reinthaler and Frederiksborger stallion "Sirius"
Shoulder in
Straight forward
Trot on a diagonal
How to start galopp on long reines
Half pass
Spanish walk
Vera Munderloh and Lusitano stallion "Super"

A new addition from Marktoberdorf animal shelter


Lucy, the 4-month old Parson Russell Terrier, has been entrusted to us from the animal shelter in Marktoberdorf. This little pup already has an entire odyssey behind her...but evidently feels happy and content in her new home at Gut Rosenhof!

Talk presented by Anja Beran on 22.01.2016 in Wolketsweiler

Initiator Christian Baier and Anja Beran before the talk in Wolketsweiler

"Classical Dressage - The Key to a Healthy Horse" was the subject of the talk given by Anja Beran. She was pleased to accept the invitation of riding instructor Christian Baier to present this talk. Baier, who works in the USA, initiated this seminar evening within the scope of a clinic held near Horgenzell. Some 100 well-informed audience members visited the talk. Afterwards, the guests had the opportunity to ask questions and this developed into a stimulating discussion. Many thanks to Christian Baier and Simone Bauhofer for the excellent organisation!