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Support from Italy

We would like to thank Dr.med. Mario Palma, who is making his Kladruber gelding, Generale Cassa, available to the pupils of the Anja Beran Foundation!
Generale Cassa was trained at Gut Rosenhof and can now provide a valuable service to the future generation of trainers.

Clinic report from The Netherlands

Dear Anja,
It's been a week now but I'm stil gloating on the feeling you gave my horse - the one who thinks he's Robert Redfort :) - and I last weekend! I so enjoyed your lessons and the entire weekend was just fantastic. My friends and I have been so inspired by you and we had such a great time together. We have all learned so much, not only by riding but also by watching each other. We keep saying to each other we miss that weekend and that it was over way to quickly.
Thank you for your wisdom and kindness, it was not only an honor for me to ride for you but also an intense relief. Like I told you, I do a lot only on feeling and many have told me that I'm too soft and too kind for my horse. I never believed that and it's been so frustrating for many years to not be able to find proper instruction who was on the same line of thoughts as I was. I learned my travers and half passes from a book (the one about Classical Dressage from Stefan Radtke) and then tought it to my horse, not ever being sure if I even did it right. I learned a lot by watching others, not only how I wanted things but more importantly, how I didn't want things.
I hope you will come to Lisse again because I've already told Linda to put me down for two days!
Kind Regards, Malin van der Beek (with the bay PRE gelding called Suevo)

Hey Anja,
I want to thank you again for the clinic you gave in Lisse 11 and 12 september.
You inspired me (and probably all the others)  a lot!
I think you are a very special person!
I dream of coming to you for a month or so , to watch and learn so much more! but it's such a long way to travell with the horse...
Hope you will come to Lisse again soon! 
I  noticed that once you start riding your horse this way there is no way back...!!! but there are so many new questions...
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for what you are doing for so many people but especially for the horses!!
Hope to see you soon.
Natasja x

Dear Anja,
These last weeks have been very busy for me with all the organization and preperations for the clinic, but I am so very happy that we have met and I would like to thank you again for your visit and the good lessons. You have been an inspiration for me and I have learned so much, just in two days! I have been riding Robin this week and he is doing very well!!! I see his body changing in more muscled and loose, it is incredible. His and my spirit are up! Robin has become a proud horse again!
Kind regards & take care Linda 

Clinic report from Sweden 2010

After having waited for more than half a year we were so happy to receive Anja Beran in Stockholm, Sweden. Six very happy and exited riders just dying to get feedback on their riding and approximately 50 curious riders on foot.
The weather was more than fine and since weeks it was over 30 degrees celcius. We were fortunate to be able to ride in the wonderful indoor arena at  Stall Johannesberg which was isolated so it was very reasonable to ride in there.
First in the round was Camilla Drangel 15 yrs of age on the PRE partbreed Aramis 4 Yrs of Age. Camilla was first reluctant to bring her horse since she had the feeling  that there was not that much to do or ride with such a young horse. .. much to her surprise there was a lot to do. She got a lot of help with straightening and strengthening him through the lateral work. And she had not been cantering indoors before or very much at all. After a first few attempts with quite a lot of buckingtendencies he gave that up and did very nice canterstrikeoffs. He grew a lot and so did she! He has had a rest in the field for three weeks and is now back under saddle and hasn’t forgotten anything and is doing very fine growing stronger everyday!
Indigo is a PREgelding age 7 who is very well fed unfortunately and has a very tall rider to carry around.  We got a lot of help with lateral work so to make him a little less unstraight. He has put on some less good habits to hang a bit on the hand and avoid putting weight on his hind legs.. Anja gave us some tough rounds. Now we have worked our way through summer(plus 45 degrees celcius in the arena)  and a lot has happened. Indigo has achieved a lot more selfcarriage and strength. And maybe Im better balanced on his back in spite of him being a bit too small for me making staying in the middle difficult.
There were also a PREmare in the clinic Pieza and her rider Cecilia Young who worked on making her start moving forwards again with a lot of success and a very happy rider and dito horse.
Frida Stensson took part with her Swedish Warmblood gelding Zorro. We got some insight in how to work a horse with a soft and sensitive back and very big movements. Not all that easy. Frida has since worked a lot to soften her own back and get more flexible.
Hanna Goding and Sal gave us some insight in how to ride a horse with very much the opposite back of Zorros ie a very short back that easily gets tight and thus the horse starts moving in a pacing fashion. We also got some insight in how to start with the assistance of the long whip towards short steps and piaff with a horse who has had a bad start there and has gotten scared of the whip behind.
Cricco Ekberg and Toureio  were already familiar with riding under Anjas supervision from her earlier visits to Sweden. We could follow Criccos struggle to work on his piaff and it was interesting and yet not all to easy to follow for the unexperienced spectator what was really going on. The easiest was to just sit back and relax and watch. And then bit by bit things became clearer. No doubt we were to watch someone really knowing what she was at when Anja supported this equipage! Merveillux!
We were fortunate to listen and look at Anjas brilliant powerpoint presentation of her work and her thoughts and the theory around it. A lot of questions were answered an for sure many new arouse! We look very much forward to welcoming Maestra Beran back in Sweden again. And in the meantime we try and recall what we were taught! Mille Grazie!

Christina Drangel 

Lecture on 27.06.2010 in aid of the Anja Beran Foundation

Of course you can only learn to ride by doing it. The necessity of actually riding in practice, however, by no means diminishes the significance of the theory which is behind it. On the contrary, in fact: knowledge of the relevant theory forms the foundation on which correct practice is based and broadens the horizons in such a way as to make a mere rider into a trainer of his horse.
Anja Beran is very much aware of this and is herself one of those riders whose practical riding is based on excellent academic knowledge of the subject. And sharing this with her pupils is a matter of fundamental importance for her, as was underlined by a lecture presented on the last Sunday in June at her Gut Rosenhof home in Allgäu, Southern Germany. Her subject was the history and content of classical dressage, its development, the importance of the great masters of equitation and the current situation relating to dressage. Furthermore, she talked about the objectives and significance of the classical doctrine. Her lecture was also supported by a power point presentation.
This was interlinked with a practical part in which visitors were able to see the actual implementation for themselves of what Anja Beran had discussed beforehand. The Lusitano gelding Tango, ridden by Katja Baldauf, was the first horse to enter the indoor school. Tango had come to Gut Rosenhof as a problematic horse requiring correction. He used to go very much on the forehand and as such had become virtually inrideable. Anja Beran explained how she and Katja Baldauf had managed to get this horse to relax again, to come back into better balance and, as a consequence, to cooperate more with the rider.
Afterwards Vera Munderloh presented the P.R.E. stallion Ofendido. Against this background, Anja Beran talked about the significance of the lateral movements in gymnasticising a horse, but also about their importance in connection with the development of carrying power and impulsion.
Finally Anja Beran presented her foundation for the preservation of classical dressage and explained why the foundation had become necessary and exactly what the objectives are.
A lively discussion with the public rounded off the day.
The Dutch artist Marli Hommel was once again a guest at Gut Rosehof on the occasion of the event and exhibited her impressive pictures in the lunging hall.

Lusitano gelding “Tango” doing the half pass
"Tango" starting the passage movement
Starting to piaffe
P.R.E stallion "Ofendido" starting the passage

Manege free for Classical Dressage

1st Conference of the Anja Beran Foundation at Circus Krone in Munich

On 5th December the Anja Beran Foundation invited the interested public to attend a special informative equestrian event at the premises of Circus Krone in Munich. “Training Horses with Feeling and Respect” was the title of the programme which Anja Beran had created in collaboration with the Junior Director, Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone.
The event began with a power point presentation to provide some insight into the history and significance of Classical Dressage. Anja Beran  gave a lively and informative talk, lasting almost one hour, on the subject, adding lots of information based on her daily work.
This was followed by practical demonstrations: breaking in a young horse, from first familiarisation with the saddle to first backing by the rider, and subsequently initial riding efforts on the lunge, were demonstrated and explained in clear detail. Astrid Galipo showed her experience and skill in the saddle. The unusual setting was quite daunting for the four-year old Lusitano – nevertheless he had lots of trust in his trainer and handled the situation very well.
The Cartujano stallion Maestro showed himself to be a young horse already fairly well advanced in the breaking-in procedure: Lateral movements at walk and trot, changes in tempi, canter on the right leg and counter-canter as well as a first flying change were all included in the programme – all impressively executed by Maestro. Touching with the whip for the first piaffe and passage steps worked magnificently, Maestro remained calm and relaxed. Anja Beran used this situation to demonstrate once again how important praise is for the motivation of a horse. At the end of Maestro’s performance she and Vera Munderloh showed how it is possible to persuade horses to kneel. Maestro didn’t need to be asked twice: 
Gently encouraged with the lunge and some treats, he knelt down before the wildly enthusiastic spectators.
This time, once again, gymnasticing work in hand with the Lusitano "Olé" was also an essential part of this special programme. The elegant grey horse quite obviously enjoyed demonstrating lateral movements, canter, piaffe, passage, levade, Spanish walk and kneeling with a playful légèrité and without any visible influence by Anja Beran.
The lunch break gave the guests an opportunity to chat amongst themselves, enjoy a snack or to do some Christmas shopping at the stands which were erected around the manege. Anticipation was then high for the second part of the event. It was a question here of the rider’s seat. Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone and her 24 year-old Lipizzaner stallion Favory Servola were the object of the demonstration, in which Anja Beran and the equestrian physiotherapist Sonja Leitenstern explained the most important criteria of a good seat, particularly with a view to the appropriate care of the horse’s back. The model of a human spine was used to give a visual dimension to the explanations.
Riding the experienced Lusitano stallion Pao, Anja Beran demonstrated how lightly a horse can move in the highest degree of collection. From the saddle, she commented on her application of the aids for the piaffe and passage whilst Pao, apparently quite effortlessly, presented these difficult movements in the manege. Incidentally, the diameter of the circle at the circus is only 12 metres.
The Westphalian gelding Flamingo under Vera Munderloh were the next ones to demonstrate their ability in the circus atmosphere – and the former “problem horse” proved how much can be achieved through patience, feeling and composure. Although the elegant chestnut horse was not able to disguise his sensitivity, he gave a very convincing performance for his first appearance in a manege. He presented lateral movements, piaffe, passage, Spanish walk and Spanish trot as well as collected canter on the circle followed by relaxed cantering on yielded reins with great expression and lightness.
The last riding horse on this special equestrian day was the 23 year-old Lipizzaner stallion Siglavy Dagmar belonging to Circus Krone. His rider Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone presented him predominantly in canter work. Half-passes, pirouettes and canter changes including single tempi changes around the entire circle were executed to perfection. Once again the two Lipizzaner stallions belonging to Circus Krone demonstrated the significance of correct classical training: At an age of over 23 years, they are both very healthy and able to participate wholeheartedly!
A very striking aspect during all the rides was the relaxed, calm atmosphere and the great harmony which existed between the horses and riders, as well as the impressive lightness with which all movements were presented!
During the last stage of the event the many attentive guests were able to gain an insight into an extremely fascinating part of the horse world which indeed remains relatively unknown to many riders: free dressage. Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone began her demonstration with the licensed Shetland stallion Fury – a complete beginner in dressage just at the stage of learning the “ABC of free dressage”: moving on the lunge, halting and call, in other words reacting to his name being called and approaching his trainer in the centre of the manege (which is naturally rewarded with a treat).
Two young Arab stallions from the Principal and State Stud of Marbach were next to enter the manege. With great spirit and youthful exuberance, they presented some very difficult choreography such as circles and moving alongside each other.
Subsequently they were joined by a further six Arab stallions and competently presented by Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone in a wide variety of different figures.
A highlight of any free dressage presentation is the rearing movement and, of course, it had to be included here. With one of her stallions she showed the spectators how this impressive exercise is prepared and where very particular attention is required. The most important point for all riders present: Please do not try to copy this exercise at home! A horse which is used for riding purposes should never be taught how to rear. This could be extremely dangerous. At the circus, therefore, only horses which are not ridden are trained to rear in free dressage.
A dynamically rearing grey horse, able to cross the entire manege on its hind legs, formed the grand finale of this informative day.
The spectators expressed their thanks and appreciation with overwhelming applause for Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone and Anja Beran for this successful premiere and a great wealth of new ideas for their work at home. And the level of interest was obviously high because at the end of the presentation numerous visitors were waiting in the foyer, hoping for a chance to ask their own specific questions.
On account of the success and the demand, it was soon very clear that such a day would be repeated by the Anja Beran Foundation in Circus Krone. We are very much looking forward to this event and wish you all a HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2011.

Experienced rearer
Marbacher Arabian stallions Isaam and Jassi
Pony stallion Fury in basic training
Siglavy Dagmar doing single changes
Canter leading on the near fore
Siglavy Dagmar, canter work in the travers on the circle
"Flamingo" at working trot
Isaam and Jassi learn to move side by side
Isaam and Jassi
Young stallion learning to rear with 2 lunges
Stretching after work
Par Six
Par Deux
Eight Arabian stallions together
"Flamingo" doing the passage
"Flamingo" doing the piaffe
First steps under the rider
Lunging a young horse in the initial stages of training
Tacking up a young horse for the first time
Explanations about the cavesson
"Anja Beran Foundation" information stand
Excerpts from the art exhibition
Cartujano stallion Maestro – correct standing
Touching with the whip for the piaffe
Lusitano Olé
“Flamingo” at canter
Westphalian gelding "Flamingo" stepping over
Lusitano stallion "Pao" doing the piaffe
Favory Servola at canter
Explanations concerning the seat using a model of the spine
Lipizzaner stallion Favory Servola at trot
Levade in-hand
"Pferd und Mehr" stand

Clinic report from UK 2010

News from UK

Antonia Bryans

Hi Anja,
Thanks very much for the brilliant clinic at the weekend.  I always feel a big improvement in my riding after your clinics and Paloma always moves more freely.  I was particularly pleased this year when you said that Paloma is straight now.  What an achievement!
Mary and I enjoyed the weekend so much that we cried when it was time to leave!  It had been so enjoyable that we didn't want it to end.
It is extrememly rare to find somebody who is as good at teaching as they are riding and vice versa. I am so keen to work with you that I am writing to beg, beg, beg, that you will give me an opportunity to prove how dedicated I am to learn and promote the principles of classical dressage. I know that the foundation places are already full but if there is ANY possibility that in the future, when more places become available, you will consider me for the job then please would you let me know?
All the best and many thanks,
Antonia Bryans

Sarah Widdicombe

Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to say thank you for organizing the clinic with Anja last weekend - it was more than worth the interminable journey from Devon! I came home totally inspired - in my completely amateurish way, I have been working in similar ways with my horse for a little while now, but until last weekend had not had the opportunity to watch a trainer of Anja's calibre in action 'for real'.
I thought I would wait until I had worked with my horse a few times before writing to you - the 'magic' from clinics has been known to wear off quite quickly in the past! Not this time. My husband watched me riding my horse on the Monday and was gobsmacked at the change (mostly due to my newfound clarity of purpose and attention to detail, I think) and her increased athleticism in the lateral movements. He said he had never seen her move like that, 'particularly the back end', whatever that might mean!
Thanks to the clinic, to Anja's straightforward and understandable teaching, and to all the riders who we watched, I now have a very clear plan for progress and plenty to work on. I would love the opportunity to ride with Anja if you organize another clinic next year, and would like to put my name on the waiting list.  
All the best
Sarah Widdicombe

Mary O’Kane

Dear Nancy
Although life is setting back to the normal routine  I am still pretty much on cloud number 9, and can't stop smiling when I look back over the weekend.
Anja is by far the best trainer in the world and it is indeed a great honour to have had her back here in the UK again. I have admired her for years and so appreciate all that she is doing to preserve the correct ways of the Old Masters and to raise riding to an art form.  Many trainers claim to be Classical, so we seek them out only to find they talk a good story, but in practice they are the same as all the rest. 
Mary 0’Kane

Sarah Stewart

Hallo, Nancy,
ich kam mit meinen Freundinnen Kate Sandel und Sarah Widdecombe aus Devon und erlebte ein fantastisches Wochenende! Vielen Dank! Ich hatte vor kurzem Anjas Buch gekauft und ihren Lehrgang zu erleben, war eine Ehre. Ich verehre sie sehr, sie ist eine Quelle des Wissens und eine totale Inspiration und so eine wundervolle Ausbilderin!
Beste Wünsche,
Sarah Stewart

Wendy Poore

I just wanted to thank you for organising the clinic last weekend. It was truly inspiring.
I hope you will pass on my thanks and admiration to Anja. The work she is doing is absolutely superb. I hope to be able to see her again at future clinics.
Best wishes,
Wendy Poore


Hi Nancy, just to thank you for organising the Anja Beran clinic held last weekend.   This is one of my annual MUST NOT MISS events and I really enjoyed the whole weekend, with the demo on Saturday night as a bonus.   It is so lovely to have Anja here even if only once a year and it helps so much to have the clssical principles reinforced by watching the transformation of the horses over the four sessions.   Thank you for all the work you must have to put in to co-ordinate everything so well!   See you again next year, Regards, Anna

Judy Foody,

Well done Nancy for organising the brilliant Anja Beran weekend at Ledston. It was a privilege to watch Anja patiently and precisely instruct the riders and see their horses transformed. The tense became relaxed; the reluctant showed energy and enthusiasm. It was a special event that will long remain in the memory. We were all sad to leave on the Sunday evening - if anyone had failed to be moved and affected I would probably have needed to check for signs of life!
Judy Foody

Lynne Chappell

Dear Anja
I would like to thank you for your lecture at Ledston Equine last week. Unfortunately I couldn't come to the clinics but hope to when you come again as I learned so much from the lecture alone.
I brought along two friends with me and we all absolutely understood exactly what you were saying about dressage as rehabilitation and thought that the ID illustrated your point beautifully.
Thank you once again for the best lecture that I've been to in a very long time. Your care for the horses really shines through and I wish you well with your foundation to carry on your work.
Many thanks
Lynne Chappell and friends Paula and Lesley