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3rd Symposium of the Anja Beran Foundation 2012

The 3rd Symposium of the Anja Beran Foundation was an extremely interesting and varied event. Following a short introduction with information about the Foundation's structure and aims, film excerpts were shown from the new "Classical Equestrianism with Anja Beran" DVD were shown. Afterwards the focus was on a demonstration of training work when the focus was on a number of horses of different ages and levels of training. From the breaking in of a remonte via work in hand and introducing a horse into the higher movements such as piaffe and passage, individual steps were introduced and explained. Pirouettes as well as single-tempi changes at canter also constituted an important aspect and even side-saddle riding was presented. Questions from the audience were welcome at any time and were always competently answered by Anja Beran.
After the lunch break, when visitors had the opportunity to visit an art exhibition and a wide selection of sales stands, the subject was the posture of the rider.Vera Munderloh and Veronika Brod gave a talk about body awareness and coordination and invited guests to participate in some exercises in order to check their own posture. The speakers as well as participants very obviously had great fun in this active part. An aesthetic symbiosis of equestrianism and dancing was then presented by Nicole Ciroth, Anja Beran and the Lusitano stallion "Pao". In the free work with 6 stallions the trainer's body language is also a central theme. Jana Mandana gave the visitors an insight into what is important when a group of horses is to be directed exclusively by movements and voice aids. The final was extremely atmospheric: Soprana Nicole Ciroth and a herd of loose zebras captivated the guests and encouraged lots of visitors to stay on long after the event had finished and to enjoy interesting conversations.
Photos: Maresa Mader & Ernst Lorenz

News from Anja Beran in eurodressage

Regarding emotions Anja Beran is telling us her opinion in eurodressage: Classical Training: Emotions in Training

Cover "Cavallo" (German horsemagazine)

Anna Jantscher, the first pupil of the Anja Beran Foundation is on the cover of the horse magazin "Cavallo" (September). She is doing half-pass with the lusitanian stallion "Novilunio".

International Workshop "Get the Spirit" 2012

All participants and the entire Rosenhof team very much enjoyed our international workshop “Get the Spirit”, which we held from 9 to 14 July 2012. An inspiring exchange of knowledge took place in a pleasant atmosphere – lots of practical demonstrations (such as work in hand, work in long reins, under the side-saddle), a theoretical lecture and all kinds of discussions made the week seem to fly by. A multicultural flair enveloped the Rosenhof; after all, some of the participants had come a very long way to attend the workshop. The following countries were represented: the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, USA, Canada and New Zealand!
Virtually all of the participants have already reserved places for the 2013 Workshop, which will be held from 15 to 20 July. 

Nancy Walker (UK)
"Bags packed. On my way home - just for two days though. Think I may have had one of the most inspiring weeks of my life. It's not often you meet a group of people that are so open. I don't want to gush, but it's rare to be in such a wonderful, positive atmosphere, where everyone is there to learn. I've made some new friends and felt part of something very special. Here's to leaving egos behind and everything being for and about the horse. Thanks Anja Beran Stiftung."

Francesca Doria (UK):
“Thank you Anja & Team (included ponies) for a WONDERFUL week of learning, fun and friendship.”
„Loved every minute of it. Today I practiced some of the exercises I saw during my week at Gut Rosenhof: all I am going to say is: Anja &team make it look very very easy. It is not!!“

Michaela Hempen (Italy)
„It is so lovely to watch Anja, Vera and Anna riding. Just having these harmonious pictures in my head will hopefully magically improve my own riding ever so slightly. It was a fantastic week with so many nice people. The next one will be 15-20 July 2013, hopefully in summer then ;) And I am still here with my little crooked Arabian who is trying so hard to move like Anja's Lusitano stallions and am enjoying Anja's advice.“

Juliette Hengartner-Ald
"FANTASTIC!!! the best thing I ever did. Anja Beran is wonderful. I am so happy to have had a chance to see her in action. she is very kind and patient. I have never seen so many balanced and rhythmical piaffes. she has this workshop every y... ear, GO if you can. it will make the biggest difference in your training, I am sure. my horse has improved tremendously in only 1 month, just amazing! :-) I am thinking of getting a group together for next year, wanna go? best wishes- J"


Germany´s Finest Rider – a Pilot Project for the Wellbeing of the Horse

For the second time now Anja Beran was invited by Hardy Oelke to join him in judging "Germany’s Finest Rider" Western Competition. The event took place on 21st July 2012 at Gut Amtmannscherf near Cologne. Once again it was clearly visible that a horse in balance and fine application of the aids is an essential and fundamental element in every equestrian discipline. As a consequence, the judges were in full agreement in their selection of the winner and runner-up riders.

Photo: Feuerpeil

The Allrounder

The "Anja Beran" Saddle by Passier proves surprisingly versatile and has achieved the maximum number of points!

This is the result of a six-month practical test, the result of which has been published in "Mein Pferd", March 2012 issue!
Quotation: "The saddle enables the rider to sit in a variety of different positions and even proves its worth hacking out and over cavaletti as well as small jumps. The saddle convinces in every situation.”

This seal of quality is not only good news for future customers, it is also very gratifying for the Anja Beran Foundation! Because a certain amount of the sales proceeds from every Beran Dressage Saddle is donated to the Anja Beran Foundation in order to support for young riders in classical horsemanship.