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Further training for our professional rider and pupils

We are delighted that our professional rider Vera Munderloh and our pupil Anna Jantscher have participated successfully in the „Work on the Long Rein“ seminar. The seminar had been advertised by the Spanish Riding School,  it took place at the training centre in Heldenberg  in September under the direction of  head rider Andreas Hausberger.

Clinic in Lisse, closed to Amsterdam at 6./7. of April 2013

In the beginning of April Anja Beran had a clinic in Holland. She trained with riders of different levels and very different horses, from Frisians to Dutch Warmbloods or P.R.E.-Horses.

3. International Workshop „Get the spirit“

For the third time, many interested riders came to Gut Rosenhof in July in order, for one whole week, to submerge themselves completely in the world of classical dressage. Guests came from the USA, England, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Holland, Russia as well as the Ukraine, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. This year there was a different theme for every day, always introduced by a power point presentation to give an overview of the relevant theory before working with a wide variety of different horses to find out more about the practical aspects. Thus the first day, for example, was dedicated to the training of young horses whilst the fourth day dealt exclusively with canter work and special movements in this gait.
Detailed explanations were given, participants had plenty of opportunities to ask questions and participate in intensive discussions so everyone was able to learn a lot and gain new inspiration. 
A highlight was the evening excursion to the "Kaltenberger Knights' Tournament", where a mediaeval market atmosphere and the horses of film horse trainer Mario Luraschi made a big impression on everyone.

At the end all participants agreed that a further international workshop in 2014 was an absolute "must"! Once again, it will be held in July, probably from 21 - 26 July 2014.