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Our 6th symposium "Training Horses with Feeling and Respect" on 22nd November 2015 at Circus Krone

Our 6th symposium featured the theme: "Classical Dressage - The Key to a Healthy Horse". Numerous real-life examples were presented and monitored from a rider's as well as a vet's point of view. Jana Mandana and Anja Beran were supported by the vet, Dr Astrid Reitz. The extensive professional information was interspersed with some interesting show presentations, thus creating a varied programme, which was also extremely entertaining. The level of visitor interest, which increases steadily from year to year, confirms the concept of this instructional event.

Equestrian art exhibition in the foyer
"Happy Horse" Shop by Petra Stockinger
Surprise ball
Anja Beran on Lusitano stallion Pao
Jana Mandana on P.-R. E. stallion "Maestro"
Words of welcome by the the two hosts
Jana Mandana and "Feisal"
Freely presented horse "Feisal"
Cremello stallion "Kirgis"
Jana Mandana answers guests' questions
Motivational interview with "Kirgis"
Greetings from "Kirgis"
An impressive pose by "Kirgis"
30-year old Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Servola"
An experienced team
30 years of age and still diligent and supple
Book presentation
Physiotherapist Veronika Brod in action
Vera Munderloh on Lipizzaner stallion "Maestoso Stornella"
Passage with light rein influence
The Spanish walk
The kneeling movement with support from the ground
Silvia Wimmer on Frisian stallion "Gawain
Powerful Spanish walk
Quarter horse gelding "QB" overstepping
Julika Tabertshofer on "QB" in travers
Extension at trot
Piaffe steps
"QB" starting the passage
Haflinger gelding "Rudi" in renvers
"Rudi" at canter
Piaffe steps
Transition to the passage
Vera Munderloh at the piano
...accompanied by Jana Mandana
Lusitano stallion "Ramses"
Extended passage
Harmony in a threesome
Reward for "Ramses"
Stefanie Seebauer on Lusitano gelding "Bue"
Transition to the passage
Extension at trot
Transmission via the big screen of treatment by the vet
Dr. Reitz in action
Katharina Reinthaler on Frederiksborger stallion "Sirius"
"Freddy" doing the Spanish walk
Kathi and "Freddy"
Examination by Dr Reitz
Westphalian gelding "Flamingo" under Vera Munderloh
"Flamingo" doing a passage in balance
Arabian stallions free in the arena
The Grand Finale
Arabian stallions

"Straightening" Seminar on 11 July 2015

The subject of “straightening” is fundamental in classical dressage. How to achieve this difficult aim by means of counter-flexion and the various lateral movements was dealt with in considerable depth during this seminar.




Theoretische Einführung
Lusitano "Ciclone" beim Übertreten an der Hand
Renvers auf einer Volte an der Hand
Lipizzanerhengst "Maestoso Stornella" im Schulterherein
Zirkel in Konterstellung geritten
Strecken lassen im Trab
Lusitanohengst "Novilunio"
Pirouette als Ergebnis der Seitengänge
"Maestoso Stornella" im Galopp
"Novilunio" in der Traversale

Dr. Kerry Ridgway and Manolo Mendez visit Anja Beran

f.l.: Dr. Kerry Ridgway, Anja Beran, Manolo Mendez, Verena Eiwen
Manolo Mendez salutes Lusitano-stallion Pao

Following a successful international symposium in Schwaiganger, the speaker Dr. Kerry Ridgway (USA) and trainer Manolo Mendez (Australia) visited Gut Rosenhof on 6 July 2015 in order to get to know Anja Beran and her work. It was an extremely enjoyable afternoon with interesting discussions!

Representatives from different riding disciplines get together

f.l. Sophie Grieger, Anja Beran und Michaela Förtsch
f.l. Anja Beran & Christiane Müller

Professional riders from the Principal and State Stud of Schwaiganger took the chance of exploring beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries at our morning work session on 5 July 2015. Sophie Grieger, 2013 Bavarian Eventing Champion, and her colleague Michaela Förtsch were present.
And also, travelling from Koblenz especially for this occasion, western rider and winner of "Germany´s Finest Rider" title, Christiane Müller.
Once again, Gut Rosenhof provided the perfect platform for lively exchange between the various riding disciplines!

As from now...

you can download the fourth Edition of the Anja Beran Foundation Newsletter or order it by email: anjaberan(at)gmx.net 

We hope you will enjoy reading it and that it will convey interesting information about our everyday work!

Kind regards, Anja Beran


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5th International Workshop July 2015

For the fifth time meanwhile, guests representing 19 different nationalities congregated at Gut Rosenhof for the "Get the Spirit" international workshop. During the course of this week 1-2 topics were dealt with in considerable depth every day. The spectrum ranged from breaking in to starting to piaffe, from working on long reins to schooling spoiled horses. Guest speaker Dr med vet. Astrid Reitz gave an insight into alternative treatment methods such as acupuncture and chiropractic, whilst physiotherapist and dancing instructor Veronika Brod explained ways to develop an upright posture and a better seat on the horse. The bus journey to the "Kaltenberger Knights' Tournament" was a great way to end the time together. Indeed a new date for 2016 was set right away (18-23 July 2016, also see at "EVENTS"), because most visitors wanted to book their accommodation for the next year before leaving. Anja Beran and her team are working hard to compile another exciting and varied programme and, already at this early stage, promise an exciting and informative time.   

Participants from 19 nations!
Visiting our camels
Working with a young horse, Lusitano stallion "Hyperion"
Learning the Spanish walk, Lusitano "Ciclone"
Kneeling - P.R.E. stallion "Alaraz"
Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana" under Vera Munderloh
The "Happy Horse Shop" belonging to Petra Stockinger
Trainer Christine Schmiedel on Frisian stallion "Fabe"
Working in-hand with Lusitano "Olé" and Silvia Wimmer
Dr Astrid Reitz during her practical demonstration
Lusitano stallion "Pao" under Anja Beran
Always amongst the spectators: Hovawart "Nero"
Lipizzaner stallion "Favory Toscana" under Anja Beran
Piaffe in hand, Lusitano "Xailee" with Vera Munderloh
Trainer Nadine Kloser and pony "Chuck" in a half pass
Working on passage, warmblood gelding "Giacometti"
Frisian stallion "Gawain" under Silvia Wimmer
Lusitano "Bue" doing the piaffe
Extending steps on the circle
Lusitano stallion "Regedor" doing the passage
Assessment of the horse's conformation
Relaxing moments - "Regedor" and "Nero"
Working on long reins, Katharina Reinthaler with Frederiksborg stallion "Sirius"
"Nero" at Spanish walk, trained by Vera Munderloh
Letting the horse stretch - Frisian "Tietes" under Kathi Reinthaler
Working in-hand - "Olé" and Silvia Wimmer
Lipizzaner stallion "Tulipan Palma" under the side-saddle
Lusitano "Zeus" and Vera Munderloh say goodbye and look forward to welcoming everyone again next year!

Seminar "Problem horses" October 2015

This two-hour seminar provided an insight into schooling difficult horses. How can classical equestrianism help with a horse that sticks its tongue out or carries its tail crooked and how do I get my horse to walk when its natural gait is amble? Different solution approaches to these questions were demonstrated. Furthermore the rather frequent problem, which occurs especially with Frisians, involving stiffening and elevating the neck too much was discussed, and many gymnastic exercises demonstrated in the practical part led to a significant improvement.

Frederiksborger stallion "Sirius" demonstrating extension at trot - still with tail held slightly to one side
Frisian "Tietes" being mobilised by stepping over
Lusitano "Zeus" in half-pass
Zeus demonstrates great trust in his trainer Vera Munderloh

Seminar "Canter" September 2015

How do I commence cantering work with a remonte and how do I perfect picking up canter and implementing halts? When and how should the counter-canter and flying changes be commenced and how does a horse best learn the pirouette? Answers to these questions were provided in the "canter seminar". Following an introduction on the theoretical principles, practical demonstrations of the work with horses at a variety of different training stages were given and visitors had the opportunity to ask questions after every ride.

Theoretical introduction
Preliminary information about the new "Der Dressursitz" (The Dressage Seat) book
Vera Munderloh and "Maestoso Stornella" at canter
Lusitano stallion "Novilunio" in single tempi changes on the circle
Introducing a half-pass at canter

Seminar "Piaffe and Passage" August 2015

In this two-hour seminar Anja Beran and her team offered precise guidance for working on the piaffe and passage. Which preparations are essential - what significance does the collected walk have - how is the touching whip used? Answers to all of these questions were provided in the practical part of the seminar. Prior to this, in a presentation on theoretical principles, the features of a correct piaffe and passage were explained and incorrect sequences of movement described.

P.R.E. stallion "Ofendido" doing the passage
P.R.E. stallion "Favorito" under Thomas Ruckriegel
First touching of a hind leg
"Descente de Main" practised by Vera Munderloh on Lusitano "Rosé"
Plenty of breaks and always praise the horse! Lusitano "Bue" under Steffi Seebauer
A levade can ensue out of the piaffe. Lusitano "Super" under Vera Munderloh.

"Young Horses" Seminar on 27 June 2015

Breaking in: 3 years old Lusitano-stallion "Hyperion"

This instructional event offered all the important information concerning training of the remonte - from initial experiences in leading, via accustomisation to the saddle and rider, to first lateral movements!

First seminar of the year on 2 May on the topic of "Application of the Aids"

After a theoretical introduction, three horses were presented. The first horse was used to demonstrate HOW a remonte learns to understand the aids. A prerequisite in this connection is an experienced rider who is able, with a secure and independent seat, to apply aids which are absolutely clear and unambiguous. This process is always supported by a trainer on the ground. This was demonstrated by Vera Munderloh on P.R.E. gelding "Poderio", with support from Anja Beran.
On the second horse, the priority was on how a young rider can learn the application of the aids. It is essential in this case that a schoolmaster horse with an excellent level of training is available to teach the rider to "feel", and also a riding instructor who can convey an understanding of subtle influence at the right moment. Vera Munderloh taught our pupil Simon Reinert on the well-trained Kladruber "Generale Cassa" and even enabled the young rider to feel the movements of the piaffe and passage.
Finally a rider and horse pair who were both familiar with the most subtle aids were presented - Vera Munderloh and Lusitano stallion "Super" showed transitions from trot to piaffe, to passage, and from this to canter and pirouettes, flying changes à three tempi, à two tempi and finally from stride to stride, subsequently concluding the presentation with a levade. The entire ride was executed as one harmonious entity, and the application of the aids could only be surmised by observers as there was absolutely nothing to be seen!

Work in hand of a three year old horse
Lunging a young horse
Lateral work with help from the ground
A young rider is learning how to give the correct aids
Half pass
The teacher explains how to stop
Spanish walk
Our cat in spanish walk